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My Bias list! (Only 4)
Jackson Wang- He is my #1 Bias!! I love him! I love his personality and I love his looks and I think it's amazing that he's fluent in 4 different languages!! He makes me laugh when I'm having a bad day!❤️😩😫👌😘😍
V (Kim Taehyung)- He is my #2 Bias!!! I also love his adorable personality, cheeky smile, and crazy derp faces!! It's the best!! They also make me smile when I'm down!❤️😍👌😘
Jungkook- He's hot...😂 that's not all tho. He's funny! He is so childish and I just love it!! Maknaes are the best!!😂😂😂✌️👌♥️
Suga- I just love him...what's not to love? I mean seriously...😩😘👌
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