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Hello Nakama!

It's day 7 of the Nakama Campfire Challenge!

It wouldn't be a happy Friday without a little love and today's challenge is all about cliches we love!

So here are three anime cliches I love!

Strong female leads

With every male protagonist comes an even stronger female counterpart!

Usually putting the main protagonist in his place the female counterpart shows that ladies can be badass too! They're strong, smart and sexy and are often the better half of the pair. It's great to see the females getting in on the act and not just muscular men. Anime really helps break the mold between men and women being the hero.

The main character loves food!

Who doesn't love food?

The characters certainly love food. Eating faster than you can see and running a bill you can't afford, these main characters have a very strong stomach. It's always a good time when you see these guys go and try to fill they're seemingly endless stomachs. It's like they're stomach is a black hole as they keep devouring food. It makes you wonder who would win an eating contest if they got together.

Impossibly strong fighters

Don't you think it that these aliens, demons and other creatures can be so strong and not destroy the planet with one punch? I sure do. It's a lot of fun to see these beings go blow for blow crashing into buildings and mountains, throwing special moves that should easily destroy the planet.

So that's my small list! What anime cliches do you love the most?! Make a card and let everyone know!

And don't forget to tag @InVinsybll Make sure you get all of the NC card: check on the original here! Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!