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I was tagged by @sarangravi and I thought it was bomb! so here I go!!!!
when my your dog dies..... I must've jinxed the poor dog!!!
when you see someone you don't wanna see think you all that...peace out playa
when you see someone you hate fall hahaha!!!!!right on the booty
when your fave group is in your area look at me mom, I'm cute, get me tickets
when you can't go I have a sleep over with the peeps and things get weird
when you meet your bias I'm coming oppa!!!!
when you have a birthday party I love you all! come to my party
when nobody shows up self explanatory.....
when you have a date SO EXCITED
when your date is cancelled I'll get a new one bc I'm fabulous
Hahaha I'm coming oppa!!! omg so funny. loved these
The last one was great馃槀
@SarangRavi thanks friend
They where Hilarious. I loved them all. 馃槀馃槀馃槀
@SarangRavi it was fun! and I just has bad luck didnt work out well but hey it made you laugh! :)
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