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One of my favorite activities as a child was coloring.
For hours in pre-school we got to color in books, meshing some of the coolest color combinations our minds could desire.
Sadly, it seems as if kids aren't getting to enjoy the experience as much as we are.. because adults won't seem to let coloring go.
The surge in demand for adult coloring books has caused a shortage in supply of pencils, according to the world's largest coloring pencil manufacturer, reports the Independent.
I know, I know, why am I being a debbie downer? Why won't I let you color in your 98 dollar Kim Kardashian coloring book in peace?
This may seem like a light issue, but their is a bit of weight to this one. The lack of options for kids to color with could really stunt the creative juices of children.
So while I know many people color to relive stress, I am sure we can find different alternatives.

Would you put your coloring book down for a time period to allow a child a chance to color instead?

Are we seriously having this discussion? The shortage of colored pencils because adults are coloring. It maybe that more younger people are using an electronic device (desktop or tab) to color or draw.
There's a Kim Kardashian coloring book?
I hate crayon lol but I'm an art major so it saddens me to hear that this is happening
when will the colored pencils return from the war...
I hate those adult coloring books, just use your phone. It's faster
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