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Now I would like to talk about kpop fashion or in particular Korean fashion. Now to tell you this I love their fashion its just BAM! Just stylish, the clothes they would wear even airport fashion which is also the best.So please enjoy!!!! First one we have is Sehun from exo! In my opinion I love his airport fashion! He also looks good in suites, like c'mon who doesn't?!
Second we have Ren from Nu'est!!! We cannot deny that he has a sense of fashion also! 'REN WAI SO BEUTIFUL!!!!!"
Third we have BAMBAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fashionista of course, knows whats looks good to wear.
NOW THE GIRLS TURN!!!!!!!!! I love Taeyeon's fashion its just adorable.
Suga showing his swaginess !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love suga's style and ohh when he smiles its just so adorable!!!!!!
last but not least ..................................... G-DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The king of fashion!!!!!!!! IGOT7 Team: @Luna1171 @ManduBum @PrettieeEmm @AaliyahNewbell @UnnieCakeAli @VeronicaArtino
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I'm so in love right now! 😭😍