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GOT7 Ticket links 馃槻馃槻 #ShitsgettingtooREAL
The official poster for the concert is so awesome I wish I could have it!!!
I hope to see them!! Who is excited??? I hope I get the ticket I want!! Good luck IGOT7s!!! Tagging people who commented on my last card about GOT7 tour: @chenisbaekasy @lopleaf19 @Dabaesaplayer @ivyheart13 @IsoldaPazo if you want to be untagged let me know!
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@SusiBosshammer ya...馃槱
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@EmmaJolie at least think about BTS! thats going to be amazing c:
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yay! GOT7 is coming to Dallas in July. Just in time for my birthday. I think my birthday present to myself will be tickets to this concert 馃榾
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