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A classical simple dish but always a favorite :D
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@miranpark88 Ohhh, lamb is good too. Shame we don't eat it much here. It's pretty expensive. @roselee89 Yep, so true. Heeheehee.
@roselee89 i knowwww! I think that a little bit of onion salad would go so well here! @YinofYang lucky, lamb is really famous in korea! specially the skews! People rarely eat it this way, but I am willing to try :D
@miranpark88 Ohhh, lamb skewers? That sounds amazing!!! I've only had lamb a few times. It's such a shame. How about deer/venison? Have you had that? It's really good!
@YinofYang well they put a bunch of spices on it! Deer????? no!!! i've never tried that!!!! is it like chicken???
@miranpark88 Ohhh, it's really good. It actually tastes like exceptionally lean beef. Venison stew is really, really good with carrots and potatoes.