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ok so I was tagged by @ScarletMermaid Soooooo......let's do this !!! The beautiful person that made this challenge is @EmilyPeacock. (*˘︶˘*)
1 2 3 ....LETS GO !!!
The one who got you in : None other than (Wu yifan) like as soon as I saw him in What is love I was like well hello who are you !!! I just couldn't and still can't take my eyes off of him . (⊙_⊙)
The one who you first stand : Xi Lu Han He was driving me crazy in almost every freaking EXO video I watched. and till this day he still is with his adorable deer self (^__^)
The one who made you stay : Park Chanyeol... Well all of them made me stay but since he's my bias I choose him the HAPPY VIRUS/DEEP ASF VOICE/HAPPINESS DELIGHT (^__^) #babe
The one who WRECKED! your list : Oh Sehun Oh Fuckin Sehun MAN IF ONLY YOU KNEW WHAT YOU DO TO PEOPLE (〒︿〒)(~>__<~)
he knows Sehun knows
XD Bad Sehun. Wrecking everyones list XD
@MichelleIbarra it's not me it's the auto correct....... when will this love hate relationship end with auto correct
You misspelled my name... Its an 'i' not an 'L' between 'e' and 'b.' Sehun is a butt. ;-;