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ok so I was tagged by @ScarletMermaid Soooooo......let's do this !!! The beautiful person that made this challenge is @EmilyPeacock. (*˘︶˘*)
1 2 3 ....LETS GO !!!
The one who got you in : None other than (Wu yifan) like as soon as I saw him in What is love I was like well hello who are you !!! I just couldn't and still can't take my eyes off of him . (⊙_⊙)
The one who you first stand : Xi Lu Han He was driving me crazy in almost every freaking EXO video I watched. and till this day he still is with his adorable deer self (^__^)
The one who made you stay : Park Chanyeol... Well all of them made me stay but since he's my bias I choose him the HAPPY VIRUS/DEEP ASF VOICE/HAPPINESS DELIGHT (^__^) #babe
The one who WRECKED! your list : Oh Sehun Oh Fuckin Sehun MAN IF ONLY YOU KNEW WHAT YOU DO TO PEOPLE (〒︿〒)(~>__<~)
XD Bad Sehun. Wrecking everyones list XD
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he knows Sehun knows
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You misspelled my name... Its an 'i' not an 'L' between 'e' and 'b.' Sehun is a butt. ;-;
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@MichelleIbarra it's not me it's the auto correct....... when will this love hate relationship end with auto correct
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