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It had been a long day of filming for the new music video. Nabi was in the back seat of the car eyes closed trying to relaxed. They had finally finished filming the music video and now it would go to editing. She only had two weeks before she would perform on stage. Her manager had already gone over with her the music shows she would be going on and where the first stage would be. They had it planned so the music video will drop the day before her onstage performance. She just really hoped that everything went off without a hitch.
“Kim-nim do you think we have enough time to stop by the JYP building? Bang-nim said that I should go over there a few times before the end of my promotions.”
“I will call to make sure the boys are there and if they are we will go there.” She sighed relaxing into the back seat the sounds of the road and her manager on the phone slowly falling away. Her mind had taken her into an unusual dream world. She never had a dream like this before. She was floating through blue; her hair moved like it was in water but she could breathe like she was floating through the air. She could see the silhouette of a male somewhat in the distance. His back was facing her but she could see he had blond hair. Trying her best she fought through the space to get to him. Before she could touch him to turn him around she was woken by her manager shaking her gently.
“Nabi we are here. I pulled into the parking garage so you can have some privacy going inside. The elevator is just there.” Her manager pointed just outside her window.
“Ah okay.” She sat up wiping her eyes and mouth. Of course she fell asleep now her face is going to look puffy when she sees them.
“Do you want me to come inside or pick you up later? You have no more schedules for the night. After this I was planning on taking you home. I can order you some food if you’re planning on staying here a while.”
“I think I’ll stay here for a while. Come back closer to 10. I know you probably want to go home and spend some time with your little girl. If you come back later, you can tuck her in tonight.”
“Thank you Nabi. If you need me for any reason call me okay? Mi-na understands my job and she admires you so much. I’ll stop by somewhere on my way home and order you food to be delivered here.”
“Thank you Kim-nim. Be sure you bring Mi-na to one of my performances. I’ll see you later tonight.” Opening the door, she slid out of the car adjusting her clothes as she did. Giving him a quick bow she made her way to the elevator making sure she had all her things. For some reason the elevator seemed to be taking forever. Why was she nervous now all of a sudden? It’s not like she had not come into contact with other idols before now. Last year she even stood on stage with Beast during their last week of promotions.
With a ding the doors opened before her letting out a few of what looked like office workers. Probably from the media department. Once inside she checked over herself once more before hitting the button to the floor with the studios on it. Somewhere around the third floor the door opened and a guy got on. He was lean with blond hair; he also wore these ridiculous looking glasses though somehow they worked for him. She remembered watching a cartoon movie with someone that looked like him. Oh yea Chicken Little she thought to herself.
why does it sound like she just described BamBam? haha
Can you tag me please? I like how your story had started.
@LemonLassie it's an inside joke of the Day6 fandom. It will make sense next chapter
@SugaOnTop chiken little
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