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Even though a lot of anime cliches can be annoying there's a lot that I can't help but love these are the top 3.
#1 the pervert idk why but there's something I love about anime pervs most of the time they end up being my favorite character
#2 Senpia. Whenever I hear Senpia I can't help but smile
#3 the less cloths you have the more powerful you are. This one might explain why I love pervs lol. That's my top 3 for day 7 of NC hope you all enjoyed it and as always stay awesome VINGLE NAKAMA!!!!
Sanji!! Also pic 4 from kill la kill!! Super sexy!! Ahh love at first sight!! Haha I'm gonna rewatch that anime tonight I think haha
what's the anime of the 2nd row
@KarageChan I actually double checked all my cliches to make sure they were truly cliches all of them checked out.
I dont believe that the last one is a cliche. It basically only applies to Kill La Kill. And.. Really? You call anyone you like senpai? Wow. This is the reason why I hate people who play Yandere Sim. I'm such a hater ;-;