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You have got to be kidding me. Like, I don't even know if I have the energy to take any of this serious. And the tragedy of all this is that the State of Louisiana is VERY SERIOUS about sending a man who allegedly stole $31 worth of candy bars to prison for no less than 20 years, up to life behind bars!
As reported by MSN, Jacobia Grimes, 34, found guilty of theft previously, has been indicted again for a similar charge. Except, this time, New Orleans wants to send Grimes away for a long, long time. According to a 2012 article, the average cost to house a convicted criminal in the State of Louisiana is $17,486.
The minimum sentence of 20 years comes to $349,720. Assuming, for arguments sake, that Grimes is sent to prison for life and lives to be 75 years old, (he's 34 now), that would cost Louisiana taxpayers at least $716,926.
I want to be clear that I am not making an argument for his guilt or innocence. My point is that there is no justice! Yet again, the punishment does not fit the crime. Especially, when convicted child molesters, convicted murderers, corrupt cops and the like, get off easy.
Don't believe me? If you click here, you will learn that you won't spend ANY MORE than 20 years in prison if you sexually assault a minor between the ages of 0 and 10 years old. Grimes, who is accused of stealing about 24 candy bars, will see 20 years or MORE for his crime.
In the meantime, it's a crime to steal $31 worth of goods from a store, but it's not a crime to steal almost a million dollars from taxpayers?!?!?!
This is ridiculous. Those bars must be made of gold if he's going to prison for 31 dollars worth of candy bars. There has to be more to this story than its being said or could it be a hoax
It's disgusting. no, @animaniacfreak, this isn't a joke, regrettably. and @alywoah is right. there are men and women in prison, right now, FOR LIFE, because of weed, which is NOW LEGAL. but they're all still locked up.
@Animaniafreak the justice system is really weird. Like, you get spend more time in prison by having weed on you, than if you were guilty of rape. I don't get it.
punishment should be fitting for the crime that's been committed. I don't see how stealing some candy bars equals the severity as raping a minor. Maybe the guy has other more severe pending charges which the law enforcer couldn't get their hands on, so they got him in this one? just guessing
makes sense
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