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So @YSHJosalynn you got me good yesterday and I warned you payback was coming. And I'm bringing down some of your extended squad members with me. Suffer together. I love you!!!
Let's start from the beginning..... You talked about this guy non stop for days. You wanted his coat, you got his coat. You wanted tickets, you got tickets and you were devasted when he couldn't come to Dallas.
But you got to see this guy. Chen! He started talking and you went "OMG it's Chen!" I saw you fan girl. I wanted to say "BOOM guess who stepped in the room!!!" But you know....
You like his smile and his voice, and his bluntness. So this leads me to this question... Who do you choose?!?
He can't wait to hear this explanation. Yes Kai I'm interested too.....
I heard it from her Chen, she needs to make a decision.
Well he said he has the moves like Jagger. I saw he has a issue with his hips and pelvis. There are doctors for that.
He said he sings better than Kai and he is more structurally sound than Kai. I agree because well, Look at his arms!!!! Chen smiles sweetly, Kai is undressing you with his eyes. ewww, pervy.
Was this when you realized Kai wasn't that great? Cornrows? and his Tattoo says raised by wolves. Is he growling?
He doesn't know what to say..... neither do I it's a no brainer. Remember he sings the "saddest song in the world" and you always scream "Mom the feels!!!"
Who's it gonna be? JosaChen?????
or Kaisalynn????? (great one Jess)
They're waiting......................
Brutal...got a lil slayed in the middle of this. Oh Chen...why you do me like dis?
I loved those braids on him actually
Josachen, Kai I can never look at him the same any more lol
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