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Where italian meets Indian! Ingredients - 1/4 c. balsamic vinegar - 2 naan - olive oil mister or cooking spray - a handful or two of cherry or grape tomatoes, halved - a handful or two of small fresh mozzarella balls (ciliegine) - 1/4 c. fresh basil ribbons - salt + pepper to taste instructions 1) Heat balsamic vinegar in a small saucepan over medium heat. Simmer until syrupy and reduced to about a tablespoon, 8-10 minutes. 2) Heat a grill pan over medium-high heat. Spray both sides of one naan with olive oil and place it in the pan, pressing down on the top of it with a spatula to sear. Cook on each side until just beginning to char, about 2-3 minutes. Repeat with second naan. 3) Top each naan with tomatoes, cheese, and basil. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle with balsamic reduction. Cut into wedges and serve. notes 4) If you can't find ciliegine at your grocery store, you can buy a bigger size and uses slices of it on the pizza instead. from: ohmyveggies.com/
@miranpark88 Definitely. I didn't know you could combine a Caprese salad with Naan. So creative right?
i loved this recipeee
@roselee89 i always like old school food that stay true to their roots, but in this case i
I like the idea of combining two different elements and creating an existing dish. Genius!