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I finally finished the latest installment of Durarara!! I won't spoil anything, (except in the pics, but only after after the buffer warning image. You'll know it when you see it) but so much happened, especially in the last few episodes - let's just say I was not emotionally prepared! It was one of those things where I just stared at the screen without even breathing for a while once it was over (that's how you know it's amazing!). I think I broke; could someone try turning me off and back on again?
@OtakuDemon10 I gotcha NAKAMA!! But yeah it's hard to keep up with watching so many animes/ shows so a short list def helps to be able to remember everything I find myself sometimes taking a break from one anime while binging one or two others n then when I get back to that anime and am like ohh shoot I forgot all about that haha. And yeah I def need to start focusing on finishing my degree this winter and then gonna finish my second degree and get a good career finally but once I do I'm def gonna go back to using my free time after work and weekend for anime binges!! Yess another kissanime NAKAMA!! Def the best site hands down I think anyways!!
@LuffyNewman I try to keep my currently-watching list short cuz I keep up with a lot of non anime shows too, and I'm at the point in my life where I need to start focusing on adulting, but I totally get you! kissanime is my go to as well!
@OtakuDemon10 yeah that's right forgot about that I got mixed up!! But I haven't finished the current all the way bc I'm watching about 30+ other anime at the current time so I wanted to wait til it finished n then binge it bc that's my fav way to watch anime haha!! And yeah it is a weird way to do it but when I discovered it I thought it was a little weird at first but the. Saw how good it was rated and finally after a while was like this is awesome!! Yeah, Kissanime puts out the sub and dub the moment they are released! I have crunchyroll too but I watch a lot of movies which crunchyroll doesn't have unfortunately so kiss is my go to and my #1 visited site and have it as a shortcut and main internet link on all my laptops and phone haha
crunchyroll also has the dub. They crank that shit out fast!
@LuffyNewman it's the third arc of season 2, I think. They did it a little weird
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