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This picture is the definition of a relationship. Let me explain why. A relationship is a covenant between two people and God. That means that they trust the other person without a single doubt. That means that they are both faithful to the other. That means they have no room for lies or secrets. They know the others weaknesses and flaws and see them as strengths and flawless. They know your passion and motivate you to reach it. They learn about the others dreams just to be understanding. They are the definition of unconditional, selfless love. To me, this picture is all that. You have to trust one another and take risks with that person. (Stepping onto the rock that could slip anytime) You have to know that if that rock slips or someone loses a job, that you are both in it together (covenant). And above all, you must trust Gods plan in the relationship. (Holding the rock in place aka the glue)
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This photo gives me anxiety because I am afraid of heights, but I do love what you wrote about as far as trust.