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Hey Nakama!

I love fan art, especially good fan art. It shows how much love that fans can have for their favorite anime/movies/comics etc. A lot of the time, fan art can show different perspectives on material we are familiar with.
A common element of fanart that changes perspective is gender-bending. If you don't know, that's when characters that are represented as one gender are re-imagined through fan art as a different gender.
So that's what today's Nakama Campfire prompt is about!

What anime character do you most like to see genderbent?

Personally, I pick Luffy.

Since I've been reading One Piece like a madman recently, I've had Luffy on the brain for a while. Plus with his short hair and outfit, he makes a hella cute girl.

This NC prompt has now brought us to 10 total prompts!

That means that there's only 5 left to go!
Here's what those 5 will look like, so people can prepare ahead!
What anime caught you off guard? (i.e. you didn't think you would cry but you did, or you thought you would cry but you didn't)
What is a great starter anime to show someone who doesn't watch anime?
Which character do you wish had their own show or side story?
Why do you Vingle Anime? What is your Vingle Anime story??
What do you hope to see happen in our community going forward?
thanks for the tag! I'm having way too much fun with these things! I may need help... (not with this prompt, just in general)
I like the short hair, luffy definitely looks very cute as a girl
Hella cute is right
ive always loved the genderbend luffy. just too cute as a girl
I would watch that. I can imagine the love tension between gender bender nami and luffy馃槏馃槏馃槏
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