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Chapter 18~ Light


~16 years later~ It was night fall and I was making my way home from hanging out with friends. I walked up the stairs, looked behind me and continued through the alleyways that I'm always familiar with. The night air was cool against my skin even if I was wearing a jacket and I had my earphones in, listening to music. As I was walking one of the lights start to flicker. I looked behind me and saw nothing, so I began my way again. It wasn't until i walked up the steps when another light started to flicker again. My music became staticky, I pulled out my earphone and felt my phone vibrate. I pulled out my phone. I looked at it to see one message but I was going to open it, the li b there behind me goes out. I put my phone in my pocket and started running. As I was looking back while running I see dark figures chasing after me and the light go out. I was scared and frighten as to what was going to happen. Every light I pass it would go out. I ended up on a dead end with the gates being locked. I turned around as I was breathing hard. I saw the dark figures come up. "No where to go now" one of them said. "And no where to hid because we will find you." another added. My back was up against the iron gate as I was huffing to breathe. " What do you want with me?" I asked as they smiled at me. "Just your life so you won't be able to join your older brothers." he said. I was confused because I never had brothers. For all I know that I was an only child with a single mother. "What are you---" I was about to ask when one of the guys pulls out a knife and strikes at me. I tried my best to dodge it but the knife went through my side and went in deep. He stepped back and took the knife with him. I gasped and held my wound as the blood was gushing out. The other guy came towards me and tried to tried to stab me but I blocked it with all the strength that I had. I was growing weak as I kept fighting and losing a lot of blood. I was kicked in the chest and collided with the iron gate. There wasn't much light to see in or could fight in. "Is that all you got? Your mother can put up a better fight than you can, son of light, prince of Planet Exo. It's sad and pathetic that we have to kill you off looking like this." he said. Hearing his word repeat in my head. "Son of light" "Son of light", I closed my eyes and took in deep breaths as I thought of light. When I opened my eyes. I saw sparkles of lights around me. "Who said I'm going to get killed?" I stated as my body was glowing around. I raised my hands and aimed at them. The light from my body shines bright. I covered my eyes and once the light was gone, I uncovered my eyes and look to see no body there except ashes. I bent down and touched the ash. I step back and sat against the gate. I felt my eyes getting heavy. "Baekhyun, honey. Stay awake. Oh my god." I heard the panic of my mom's voice. I tried my best to stay awake but I couldn't. As my eyes close I'm sucked in by a white light. I squint my eyes and see a beautiful lady standing there. "who are you?" I asked her. She wore a white lacey dress with her blonde hair curled and up. "I'm your birth mom Baekhyun. The queen of Planet Exo." she said as I looked around. We were in a meadow with green grass, a tree with blossom flowers. There was a river that had stones on the side. She stepped to the river and put her feet in. She turned to look at me and gave me a soft motherly smile. I came closer and sat down with my feet also in the water. I had many questions but before I could ask she spoke up. "I know you have many questions but I will explain everything to you. three years before you were born, there was a prophecy that our planet will be taken over by Planet Xerus. The only way to save our planet is the 12 sons and the daughter of the queen. Who is me. You and your siblings will save our planet. And that was my reason to have you all raised by human on earth. Trust me I wanted to raise all of you but I couldn't. I want you to go back and find your brothers and sister. Xiumin is in Berlin, Luhan is in Beijing, Kris is in Canada, Suho is in Marseille, Lay is in Yunnan, Chen is in Almaty, Chanyeol is in Arizona, D.O is in Colorado, Tao is in Barcelona, Kai is in London, Sehun in Edinburgh and your sister Nari is in New York. Suho, Lay and Nari parents will help you with anything. Train your power of light, I believe in you, sweetie." She said and started to fade. I reached out to touch her but she wasn't there. I looked around and sat there and waited for my time to wake up. ~Person p.ov.~ I was sitting in a chair, holding onto my son's hand. "How is he?" I asked. The doctor looked up from his clipboard. " He lost lots of blood and has three broken ribs and a minor concussion. But it will take time to heal. He will be in a coma for a while." he said and left. "Oh my Baekhyun, I'm so sorry."
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