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Girl's Day has released their 1st repackage album "Female President" filled with the sound we have come to love from the talented group! The album cover features the girls in front of a podium with an emblem featuring the words "Female President". Title track, "Female President" showcases the girls' charisma, "a mix of confidence and sexiness". The music video is classic Girl's Day, fun, sexy and highly enjoyable. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/girls-day-releases-their-repackaged-album-female-president
as a feminist, i dont think its overboard bc guys are usually in their underwear and nobody minds that. and most girls group dont go this far, this is the most explicit kpop mv ive seen. i tthink that they might as well just go back to the cute thing. well i dont really care anyway i dont like or listen to girls day
Interesting MV... lol... I wonder why girl groups always have to resort to revealing themselves to be 'sexy'
Always with u big Brother....