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No Min Woo recently added pictures to his Twitter on June 20, showing him to be sweeter-looking than any girl celebrity. He followed it with the caption, “Tomorrow’s another day, so today I’m pushing myself to keep going. My album’s coming out soon. My heart’s beating faster.” But under that beautiful complexion is a man’s man — so we can see from this picture of No Min Woo’s abs from his recent drama, “Full House Take 2.” (see photo #4) At these washboard abs, netizens were exclaiming, “His sculpted abs are a masterpiece,” and “His face is so womanly but his body is unmistakably a man.” No Minwoo is coming back with an album this July! Source: soompi @cri14335 saw this article and thought of you!
you got that right...
@relinashinee Hahahaha, it is dongseng! It is. His face is interesting to look at.
@YinofYang ikr... so... weird yet cool at the same time ... hmmmm
Omg, he really is such a pretty boy. It's amazing.
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