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Pg13 pics❗️❗️❗️ Ryuko is legit sexy!! Hardcore chic and a beastly beauty!! This anime is got a different, amazing, style of animation. It's almost like Quentin terantino himself had a hand in it, haha. All that aside this anime is a legit anime and rocks!! Who here has seen this. IMDb give this anime an 8.1 I give it a 9.0 + Synopsis- In a world where the school uniform determines student hierarchy, Three-Star student council president Satsuki Kiryuuin rules Honnouji Academy with an iron fist. She, together with the elite four, maintain order with the power of fear. Not even the school head has the courage to stand up against the system, and everything seems to be under their control until Ryuuko Matoi comes along. 17-year old Ryuuko Matoi journeys to find her father's killer. The clue leading to the killer lies with the person who possesses the other half of her crimson scissor-shaped blade. When she arrives at Honnouji Academy, she feels sure that Satsuki knows the answer to her questions, and she intends to fight her way to get those answers. Will Ryuuko succeed? How will her meeting with Satsuki affect the academy and both of their lives? Give this anime a watch NAKAMA and add it to your list, let me know what you think, reviews rating and such NAKAMA!! Anime is life!!
@LuffyNewman The animations is similar to Gurren Laggan cuz it has the same people behind it and the same creator This is one of my favorite animes ever it easily makes my top 5
I recently started watching it again as well. Dubbed this time (I won't reply to any hate comments to me watching dubbed) anyway, I love this show and so far the dub is really good. They definitely nailed the voices of the Elite Four and Matthew Mercer is always good in his roles.
@OtakuDemon10 haha that's funny NAKAMA!! And yeah shoulda had a binge/rewatch party session and used the chat on anime community or all of us join a KiK group to chat and talk about it while binging it over the weekend or something. Btw you or @ChrisStephens have KIK? That's the only thing besides vingle I use and I wanna get a group of NAKAMA to chat about anime and manga on KIK bc I think it'll be fun and informative learning about people thoughts about animes and manga as well as giving new ones to watch or read and having binge sessions where we can chat about what we like and dislike since it's easier to use than the vingle chat for those kinda things! I wanna start an anime group on KIK I just don't have anyone, literally haha. A loner basically but I plan to find NAKAMA who will add me or let me add then and have fun chatting about anime n stuff!! Also @ChrisStephens def one of my favorite 24 mid/short animes for sure and love how it's different in that animation guren Lagan type of way where it gets crazy wild serious about the universe and stuff at the end haha!!
@GlitchTheRipper I'm watching it dubbed this time as well NAKAMA so all good haha!! @OtakuDemon10 you should I started a group chat and wanna get more NAKAMA to join so we can get to know each other more and anime talks and just everything! Let me know if you do is truly enjoy it, only have me and another NAKAMA so far but the more the merrier. Same goes for all of you NAKAMA!!
@GlitchTheRipper I watched both ways, while it was running on Toonami over the summer, and I agree, they did a good job with the dub!
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