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So, @shannonI5 dared me, so I'm finally getting around to this.... So, here are my top 3 ships right now!!
1.) Destiel If you're a hunter, I need not explain this. If you're not? go watch an episode of supernatual with castiel in it. I no longer need to explain.
2.) Stucky I will never not ship this. Never.
3.) Tie between Stuckony and Stony. Again, I will never not ship this.
I tag... @mcbubbles, @XavierLopez @Arnelli @Eclare Honestly, I don't have alot a people to tag...
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Damn girlllll that's kinky af
lol, i don't see how. xD
@shannonl5 thanks lol
omg civil war is gonna be rough on you friend
@shannonl5 Yup, I know I'm gonna cry.