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He's just our wild and sexy boy. This week I'll be writing one shots It will have a smut alternate ending which will be after the fluff section and will have a Pic warning for those who do not want to read it. You do not have to read it because it does not add anything to the story. Welp I hope you enjoying this one shot. He's a fallen angel and you're the girl that brings clarity to his world. As most of you know I had the flu. I am feeling slightly better. Today I was particularly inspired to finish this one shot as promised. I hope you all enjoy. Enjoy reading.
Jackson’s POV I am not going to lie, not even to spare my own feelings. Honesty is something I cherish even if it tends to hurt every once in awhile. I rather be in pain then have a lie wrapped in pretty words and false hopes. Honesty brings clarity where lies taint. What is it I am not going to lie about? Well I am a fallen angel. I use to be a guardian angel. My brothers thing I fell for a girl but in all actuality they are only partially right. I did fall in love with my charges and sadly it was only a one-sided love. She lead me on, lying about her feelings. This is why I hate lies. So I fell to earth to bring more honesty and sincerity to the world. I fell to China first then made my way to Korea to be united with my brothers. We are a famous idol group and the world thinks we lie when we say we are angels. It saddens me very much. Being an idol let's me share my sincere feelings and crazy antics with millions of people. Bringing love and joy to the world. But I am a hypocrite. I hate liars and I have been lying to myself and my brothers. Everyday because I lie I fight with going to the dark side and turning my back on GOD. I lie about so many small things and about my feelings. my feathers are turning black with each lie. I find it hard to love myself. So then in turn my acts as an idol become insincere and my smiles become fake. I lie with not only my words, and actions but also my body. How can I expect to find love when I can't even love myself. The weight of my lies keep me grounded. I literally can not fly.
Finally I met you. I saw you one day crying in the rain with a smile on your face. You captivated me in an instant. Where I once saw darkness and shadows I saw you with such clarity. My heart seemed to slow down and my world stopped. I didn't think I could fall so hard again. I watched you for weeks secretly, trying to gather my courage to approach you. Then one day I was out walking and you literally ran into me knocking me down. All breath left, and all thought escaped my mind when I peered into your lovely eyes. My mind and heart never felt so calm before. You look down at me and I felt your probing graze. I felt ashamed of the way I was living. After that encounter we met up a few times for coffee dates and casual chit chat. Soon that chit chat became more. It became deep and intense. You divulged your soul to me in complete honesty and yet I still was lying to you about my feelings. I was hiding how much I cared about you. I was lying to the world when I was asked if I had a special someone or if I had a crush on anyone in interviews. My heart and wings started to become more black. The day you told me you broke up with your then current boyfriend I could not have been more elated but I was still to selfish. I thought if I told you how I felt you would reject me and I would finally go into the abyss of darkness. You never once gave up on me. You became the air I needed to function. Your smile the light that offered me a chance of salvation for the darkness that kept creeping up on me. I don’t know how you managed to pull truths from me one at a time. My wings started to turn from black to grey everytime I answered you truthfully. I became more sincere with each passing day. It wasn’t until this moment right here as I am spewing with all my sincerity the truth of how I feel.
I look at you in my arms bleeding out from being attacked by your ex. I so want to to embrace the darkness and beat him senseless. I just can’t pull myself away from you. It tears my heart to pieces. As I say these words to you I feel the murkiness and the taint leave. You are struggling with breath but peering at me with your eyes. You grabbing my hand as your lifeline has me staying put. I love you. I will love you for all eternity. I feel your soul stitched together with mine. Please do not leave me. My wings have all turned white. I feel so blessed and pure with you in my life. This past year has been the greatest in all my past years because you have brought clarity. A calmness to the wildness of my mind. My lips meets yours I hope you know I can not fathom a day without you I whisper against your lips. I breathe my light out hoping the darkness won’t take over. As I breathe my essence into you I feel God’s Hand on me preventing the darkness. He wraps us in his arms. “My children your sincerity and honesty is what this world needs. I will not let the darkness take you. Trust in me always and one another.” The light engulfs us and we sleep. I wake and find us in my bed. I look down at you and I see your smile and tears glistening in yours eyes. “Did I hear you wrong, did you say you were an Angel? Did you say you love me?” I was most definitely an Angel but God is letting be a human and stay with you. I do love you more than I can ever express. “I highly doubt that Jackson. You expressed real well a moment ago. And if I can feel you against me right now on how much you love me.” She giggles and I smile down and capture her lips in a kiss.
. I pressed my hips into hers as I deepened the kiss. Her soft moan was electrifying down my spine. She traces her fingers up and down my spine as our tongues mingle. I feel her feet lock behind me as the kiss deepens. I slowly release the kiss and nip her bottom lip so we can obtain oxygen. I look down at her and smirk. I trace my hands down her sides to the hem of her shirt. I pull it up over her head and toss it across the room. I stare down in awe at her so beautifully displayed in her lace bra, her hair disheveled and her biting down on her lip looking up at me with lust filled and adoring eyes. I bring her arms above her head as I pin them above her head with one hand. I trace her features lightly first with my finger. My lips soon follow the path. Down her forehead, to her eyes, nose and pause briefly at her lips. I continue to her ears. I bite the lobes and suck gently. I blow in her ear and ask “Are you wet for me baby?” Her body responding with shivers of excitement and anticipation. From her ears to her neck, clavicle bones, to her beautiful contained boobs. I kiss and lick her exposed skin. Slowly trailing kisses and little nips down her stomach to her waist. I release her hands to bring my own to her boobs as I lick and alternatively bite above the waistband of her shorts from one hip to another. While I massage her boobs. I feel her heat beckoning me. I look up at her and smirk. I bring my hands to her waists to the button, then on to the zipper of her shorts. I slowly undo them and then press them down her legs. She then sits up and winks at me and I laugh out a little laugh until she gets on her knees and brings her hands to my shirts and tugs it off. She trails kisses and bites down my body to my shorts. Stops and looks up at me and smirks. She pushes my shorts and boxers down. She licks her lips in anticipation and I bite my lip looking down at her. She slowly licks around my tip as one hand cups my balls. She decides to lick down my length then back up. She finally takes my length in her mouth and takes me inch by inch slowly as she fondles my balls. I moan out loud and she looks up at me with sparkling eyes. She goes down taking me inch by inch then back up slowly bobbing her head up and down. The more she sucks and hollows her cheeks I become even harder. She finally has me all the way to the back of my throat, my entire member. She hums around me and my knees almost buckle. I hear a slight chuckle from her. She goes back up and her teeth graze me lightly adding some intense pleasure. My hands go to her hair and I encourage her to go faster. She reads the cues right. Her hands leave my balls and go to my ass and squeezes. I was about to cum when I pull out of her mouth. I lean down and bring her to her face up to mine. I slowly kiss her and lean her back on the bed. I position myself at her entrance. As I entered everything in my being screamed inside of me that I was home. I break the kiss and look at her. I wait for her to adjust and when she lifts her hips to urge me on. I begin to thrust in and out of her slowly. I look down at her still in her bra. I smirk as I dip my head to lick above the cups of her bras and as I do it I tease her by pulling out almost all the way and then slowly entering her. I lace her hands with mine and put them above her head and connect our foreheads. I look into her eyes and slam into her as I feel her spasm around me. Her walls contracting. I thrust in and out harder as her breaths become more erratic. Feeling every sensation throughout our bodies. As her orgasm calms down I slow down. I release her hands and our positions. Seeing her now on top. She undoes her bra and tosses it to the side. I bite my lip and bring my hands to her hips. She leans forwards and I capture a nipple in my mouth as she rides me. Setting her pace. I suck lick and bite and trail kisses from one boob to the other. She speeds her pace and push her up and down my member faster as I feel her walls tighten once more I thrust deep up inside to meet her pace and I feel my orgasm take place as she screams my name. She slows down her pace and collapses on top of me. I hold her in my arms. Still connected and inside of her as we fall asleep.
This was my reaction after reading what I wrote and how I am anticipating your reactions. sorry I love you all.

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