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I'm creating my own Original Fan Fiction Called, "The Bionic Magic King!" It's about a Bionic Militia Marine Lieutenant Who is destined to become the strongest Legendary Magic King in existence! After A daring rescue of a little girl and a Showdown with 2 giant Mutated beasts called Gastrea, 3 female Mages by the names of Levi Kazama, Lieselotte Sherlock, and Lilith Asami appeared into his Hospital room while he was still in a Comatose state and Proclaimed him to be the next Great Magic King. A Magic King with the power to destroy the world or bring order back to the World of Magic. He doesn't know he has the blood of the most Powerful Magic King that ever existed let alone hasn't awakened his power just yet, but when it does awaken, the question becomes will he be able to control the monstrous power that flows dormant within Him when it's fully awakened?! Or will his soul be devoured by darkness and rage!?! Or Will He Learn to Control this new power and Rise from the ashes and Become the new Legendary Magic King!?! Oh Did I mention THIS WILL FEATURE THE WAIFUS OF HAREM MADNESS (WAIFUS) AND LOLI-PALOOZA (DAUGHTERS)? JOIN JĒMEZU ZAKKU FOR THIS EPIC ACTION, MAGIC, ECCHI, ROMANCE, HAREM QUEST IN THIS ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME AS HE SETS OFF TO BECOME A LEGENDARY BIONIC MAGIC KING!!!!
Waifus that have been introduced in the Bionic Magic King: Levi Kazama, Lieselotte Sherlock, Lilith Asami and Chitoge Kirisaki Daughters that have been introduced: Enju Aihara #TheBionicMagicKing