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Fabulous Key Fridays
Enjoy these memes of our lovely Diva who holds the Key to our hearts. (I had to make that joke. Mianhae)
Let's finish with some fabulous pictures of him. Let me know your favorites down in the comments and suggest any game or theme you'd like to see for Key Oppa. Stay fabulous my friends.
Key is the best! 馃憣馃槀
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That picture of Key in the Sherlock Holmes poster damn that's a good edit I love it
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@merryjayne13 ikr. the person that did it is pro af. I need that to be a real thing though
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@CrystalBlunt omg ikr ugh that would be so awesome. I wonder if he would ever do a movie because he would be amazing. Would moving to Korea just to see his musicals and theater work be a good enough reason to move?馃槣
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@merryjayne13 seeing as it's Key, it's more than enough reason.
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