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Hello loves. I am still running behind on apparently everything, and so here I am. I have my Sixth chapter of this lovely story!
Please enjoy!
Chapter Six
She sat silently, listening to the conversations going on in the room beside the one in which she sat. She was overwhelmed, the whole evening’s events starting to come back to her in weird slow motion. She’d met part of EXO, she’d nearly passed out in front of said EXO members, EXO had asked for her phone number, and then she’d been told that her neighbor was her ultimate bias, Siwon Choi, by Siwon Choi. She’d sat in the back of a car with her ultimate bias Siwon Choi, she’d gotten her picture taken with Siwon Choi by a fan, she was now sitting in the entryway to her ultimate bias’ manager’s office. She pulled her knees up, leaning her chin on them as she waited quietly. She wasn’t completely sure exactly what was going to happen to her, but she stayed quiet, discerning the conversation. There was something about problems, which was to be expected, something about scandal, and a whole lot about “girl.” The last thing she heard before things got quiet was the other voice saying something another option. She wasn’t sure about this, but her mind started to go wild, thinking about what this would mean in a Korean drama. Most of the time, she figured it’d mean a contract relationship. She couldn’t help but giggle softly. That kind of stuff never happened in real life. She let out a soft sigh, before closing her eyes, trying to listen to what was quietly being spoken. She wasn’t quite sure she wanted to deal with the crazy that could come with whatever answer the manager would come up with. What if the answer was to appear more with Siwon. That put her in the way of potentially scary fangirls. She’d been a fan for long enough, she knew what people were capable of, and she wasn’t sure she could deal with that. If that was to be the case, she’d have to figure out a way to take care of things. Perhaps she’d have to move home. She wasn’t happy with that, but she didn’t want to deal with any crazies either.
She didn’t know when she’d fallen asleep, she was curled up on the chair, and ineffectively trying to figure out the conversation of the people in the other room, while she closed her eyes to focus, and the next thing she knew, her shoulder was being gently shaken, and she whined softly, unfolding her legs, but quickly pulling them back up to herself as they bumped into someone. Allowing her eyes to blink open, she wondered how to really wake up, because she was having a dream about Siwon Choi again. She let her eyes close, and felt her shoulder being shaken again. Her eyes opened and she stared at Siwon, letting the moment settle, before she widened her eyes, reaching her hand to her arm, and pinching near her elbow. A grimace filtered over her face as she realized that it wasn’t a dream, and that Siwon Choi was actually crouching in front of her, a mix of worry and confusion on his face. She looked back at him awkwardly, and shook her head. “Sorry, I just had to make sure… That it wasn’t all a dream.” She looked downward at her knees and wrapped her arms around them once again, peering at him slowly. She was interested in what him being out here meant, but she was willing to stay quiet to find out.
“We need to talk to you about this weird situation I’ve put you in.” The way he took responsibility for the whole thing simply made her nervous, rather than confused. She nodded, slowly unfolding herself, careful to not let her feet bump into him again. She took a deep breath, and stood, uncomfortably swaying for a moment as she stretched her body out from the tight curled up position she’d been in. A hand rested on her shoulder, keeping her steady, and it took her a moment to realize that it was Siwon’s hand on her shoulder. That made her even more nervous, she thought. Lifting her head she gave him an awkward smile, and moved towards the doorway, silently accessing the situation. Things seemed to be moving towards the point where Siwon wouldn’t just be going back to his old life. He was far too interested in her, and He wasn’t estranging her in the way she’d expected if he was going to ask her to completely ignore him. Was he just putting on a show to get her to go along with what he wanted? Or was this genuine concert into her well being? She realized quickly that it was probably the former, rather than the latter. It disappointed her somehow, that he was simply being nice to get what he wanted. It wasn’t that she’d ever expected to meet him, although she’d expected if she had met him, to have him actually be polite, or genuinely nice. She figured he didn’t really have time for that, considering who he was and how busy she guessed he was. She let it go, and stepped into the room, facing the stern face of the manager, keeping herself standing steady, meeting his gaze and not slinking back like she wanted to. She couldn’t let herself get pushed around right now. She knew what she wanted, what she needed even, and how she dealt with it was going to be her own decision. She bowed to him, politely greeting him and introducing herself. He did the same, and she sat when he motioned to the small couch. She’d seen this office set up in dramas, and she wondered if it was that common to have couches in offices. She supposed with a lot of groups being many members they’d need a lot of seating. She ignored this train of thought and turned to him, a little surprised when Siwon sat across from her, watching her cautiously. The manager began speaking to her, explaining the situation, which she didn’t interrupt to tell him she already understood, and allowed him to outline their options. She was surprised that she wasn’t being offered an ultimatum. She’d expected her options to be few, if any at all. She looked over at Siwon, wondering what he thought about this. She wasn’t sure why she did, it wasn’t as though he would share his true thoughts about it with her via facial expressions from across the small coffee table. Her options were what she thought they’d be, and it seemed to her by the small twitches he gave, the manager either really liked the idea of her leaving, or really disliked the idea. Siwon shook his head, and she looked up to him.
“We can’t ask her to leave. She’s spent what I’m guessing is a lot of money on being here and being able to stay here. It wouldn’t be right to ask her to leave.” The manager apparently didn’t think this was a problem, and turned his serious gaze on Siwon, but the idol’s face stayed steady. Okay, so she wasn’t leaving. Although she would have, she was a little glad she didn’t have to. However, what would happen to Siwon now? Would he be uprooted, or would he have to leave the building they lived in? She missed the second option, but it seemed the manager simply dismissed this. She was sure it was just her promising to not tell anyone what had actually happened. She nodded slightly, and looked over at Siwon with her peripheral vision. She wasn’t sure if the nervousness on his face came from whether he wanted or didn’t want her to agree with the final option. She knew coming in that this would be one. The contract relationship. Only a month or so of quiet dates and being seen together, before they’d be allowed to publicly break up. Her eyes had stayed focused on Siwon and he didn’t just look nervous now, he looked, hopeful almost? She didn’t want to think about what that meant exactly.
Here's chapter six! I hope you enjoyed it! The next chapter should be up in the next two or three days. <3
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