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For the first time in his life Gabriel was truly happy nothing was going wrong everything was right. Though deep down he knew it wasn’t it was what he did a long time ago. He looked at his wife sleeping peacefully in his arms without a worry in the world. She’s always felt safe in his arms because she knew he would do anything for her. They’ve been married eight years now and Gabriel always worried about one thing. When Gabriel left home a long time ago he decided he would never go back no matter what. He couldn’t bear for Stella to have to deal with them especially with what they did to him. He’s always wanted more for his family. After a while passed and they had their first child little Gabe these thoughts of regret entered his mind. Would he suffer because he was missing a set of grandparents? Was Gabriel’s distrust of his parents worth possibly hurting his son?
He thought about it a long time and decided it was worth it they would do a lot more harm to little Gabe than good. Sometimes when he looks at his wife he wonders if he cheated her out of in laws. The only family Gabriel has left anymore is his sister who loved her nephew and nieces dearly. After they had their second Ava Gabriel thought about how much better his kids were going to be raised than he was. Until he met Stella the only person who ever cared about Gabriel was his sister which was all he needed. His parents were cruel to him they could even hold their own against the bullies that he dealt with every day. They would tease him just as much and ignore him if he asked to play with them he never got any attention or affection. Which was why when he met Stella he was afraid to lose her the lack of affection made him clingy, he always wanted it. Lucky for him Stella was clingy too just for different reasons.
Gabriel would never forgive himself if his children had to be treated like he was that’s why he broke the cycle. He didn’t hit his kids he took every opportunity to play with them he wanted to be better for their sake. Stella wasn’t surprised at how good of a father Gabriel is she always knew he’d be an amazing one. Just like how Gabriel knew Stella would be an amazing mom, that’s why their youngest Anna is so close to Stella. She sticks to her like glue Gabriel loves watching them they look identical to each other.
His family is what makes him so happy but it also makes him sad. They’ll have to pay for his decision to abandon his family and only stay close to his sister. Deep down he knew it was best but part of him held a hole of guilt for what he did. Gabriel didn’t miss his family and he knew they didn’t miss him but he couldn’t help but wonder does his family miss them? Stella won’t be able to talk to his mom about him and how he gets. His children won’t get to know their grandparents and spend weekends with them like he did with his. Was this really ok? Is this what normal had to be for them? He couldn’t help but think for a moment that his family is a broken one. Then again it really wasn’t his parents never really had a place with them.
As he gently stroked his wife’s soft brown hair Anna crept in and looked at her dad, “Daddy?” she asked quietly and looked up at him. “Yes princess?” She crawled on the bed next to Stella and kissed her head then crawled onto Gabriel. “Are you thinking again?” He couldn’t help but smile, he thought so much even his four year old could tell. “Yes I am.” Anna smiled and kissed his cheek, “Can you tell me what it’s about?” For one reason or another his kids never asked what was on his mind until now and Gabriel just looked at her and asked, “Do you ever miss grandma and grandpa?” She looked at him confused “I get to see them all the time though daddy.” He shook his head gently, “No I mean daddy’s parents. Do you ever miss not knowing them?” Quickly she shook her head no, “No way! Mommy and auntie told us all about them. They sound really scary why aren’t you scary?” Gabriel looked at her wanting to choke up he didn’t know they would do that for him. “Well..” he started softly, “I’m not scary because I have mommy and auntie they’re the nicest people in the world besides daddy.
What did they tell you exactly?” He couldn’t help but wonder what exactly they told his kids, “They said that grandma and grandpa were really mean like bullies and they liked to hurt daddy. One day daddy ran away from them and promised never to go back and to protect us from them no matter what.” She recited happily and smiled at him, “Is that true daddy?” Her voice was so innocent as she asked he couldn’t help but kiss her now. She scrunched it just like her mommy does, “Yes it is daddy doesn’t want them to hurt you that’s why I keep you away from them, Mommy Bubby and Sissy too.” Her eyes were filled with wonder like he was a super hero to protect her, “I love you daddy.” She kissed his cheek and skipped out down the hall.
A tear filled in his eye as he looked at his wife with a new appreciation. He gently kissed her head and hugged her close, “Thank you so much sweetpea…” He said softly as he closAed his eyes and began to drift off now with the knowledge he’d never need to worry about it again.