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Don’t mind this rotting corpse
Its just me
What you get is what you see
Absolutely nothing
Im nothing
Never have been never will be
I’m lucky to know love
Despite its ever painful distance
Will it ever be real?
No cause then I would be happy
That simply cannot be
Ive never been that way
So joyful and carefree
Nor will I ever be
Something that I mustve done stopped this
It all started long ago
Since then nonstop misery came my way
I just want to be happy maybe for one day
Im shunned from the world
I don’t exist
Just here to hurt and never missed
When I leave no one will care
The fact that I was ever here will be lost
Nothing said worth remembering
Nothing done worth mentioning
Just gone like a butterfly
Who flies into the dawn
For you see I am nothing
Not a damn thing to anyone
No real family
No real life
Only broken pieces
To remind me of strife
Here to be abused and ignored
My face being slammed in the door
Im not worth anything you see
No one cares about me