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#5: Zelo This boy is just too adorable not to love!! As soon as I heard his rap in Warrior I fell in love with him!
#4: Jin He's just so talented and his love for food is adorable!
#3: G-Dragon I fell in love with him when I first heard crooked.... he writes such beautiful songs and he's so extraordinarily talented! Not to mention he's incredibly handsome
#2: Yesung Do I really need to explain?
#1: I actually have two ultimate biases and they are SHINee's Onew and Vixx's Leo! Onew: I love everything about him from his amazing voice to his gorgeous smile and his adorable clumsiness and his love of chicken!!!!!! Leo: I just adore his voice and I love his adorable shyness! I also adore his love for animals and children, it's just so adorable!!!!