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hi guys I realize I'm late in this, if I'm not to late I am going to participate. if I am, well I'm going to go ahead and do this anyway. it was kinda hard to narrow this first topic down to one character so I went with three.
The first is Nao from Charlotte. I am like her in the way that in highschool and still today I was the quiet person in the room that most of the time no one noticed. but the other girls picked on.
Next is Rika from Chuunbiyou and other delusions. I am like her because I have always lived in my own little world and like to bring my fantasies to life. I constantly find myself trying to escape reality through my imagination.
And last is Shiro from no game no life. Shiro is afraid of the world outside her room, and a life without her brother. and in that way we are the same. I find it hard to connect with others and my brother is the most important person in my life despite the fact that he is not blood related to me. she also has the sarcastic attitude and way of making fun of stef that I tend to have to some of the people I know.
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You choose really good ones! I've seen all those shows πŸ˜πŸ˜…