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I wasn't tagged in this, but I will do it anyways!! XD (to see the original card, click here) I need to take a small break from school work so I can relieve my stress a bit


1. When your dog dies

-- life...what is it, exactly? That is the question

2. When you see something you don't want to see

-- *tries to entertain myself with other things*

3. When you see someone you hate fall

-- BTS...BTS is always the answer.

4. When your favorite group is in your area

-- *screams from back of stadium* "YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! PLEASE MARRY ME!"

5. When you can't go

-- oh man...I ain't takin' this
6. When you meet your bias -- *trying to act cute but God know I ain't*

7. When you have a birthday party

-- Dabbing with ma peeps instead of dabbing alone

8. When nobody showed up

-- I know that I'm not alone even if there aren't people around me

9. When you have a date

-- *ants in my pants*
10. When your date got cancelled -- eh...I'll let it go

well thur you go! J-Hope you enjoyed!

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lol J-hope you enjoyed xD..I'm sorry I laugh way too hard when I saw that