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I haven't watched very many pre 2000 anime's, and for the one I have seen I didn't really care for most. Rave master was one I did love though. I haven't finished it though. I started it because I am a huge fan of fairy tail and wanted to give it a shot. I found a lot of similarities between it and fairy tail, but despite that I still liked it.
Hiro Mashima wrote both Rave Master and Fairy Tail that's why they are so similar lol
If I remember correctly the guy who made Fairy Tail was a fan of this show and based his characters off of characters from this show. There was even that crossover episode.
There is a rave master/fairy tail crossover!! This was his first work about 15+ years ago. Hence the characters looking like natsu Lucy and plue. As @tylor619cruz it's hiro mashima' first major art work but got cut off at 10 volumes I believe.
Is that plew, was plew in Fairytale carried over from Rave Master!?
@tylor619cruz thanks for clearing that up I totally forgot.
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