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I just figured that I'd make a quick card about my favorite Anime, and get feedback on other peoples favorites. FAIRY TAIL Without a doubt my favorite Anime ever. The plot *minus the, in my opinion wasted episodes chasing Jell-douche before he lost his memory*, the soundtrack, the character development... I love everything about the show. I've never actually understood emotional involvement in a show, until this... dear god, I've never cried so much before, and I'm only on episode 96. @hikaymm @BlackoutZJ what about you guys? What's your favorite Anime, and why?
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Also Jell douche is hilarious LOL
@Thatperson512 XD. I didn't like ANYTHING to do with Jell-douche. Erza chases after him for God knows how long because she had a thing for him as a 5 yr old?! Not likely! If she liked his personality, NATSU IS everything she liked about Jell-douche as a child. I would ship the hell out of pretty much ANY Erza pairing, than Jell-douche. It seems like the creator was trying to stagnate Erza of any character development at all... hell Happy and the bitch Charle had an entire Arc that developed their characters more than I feel Erza has had in all of the 96 episodes that I've watched so f ar.
@worldofelites19 I'm a hardcore Nerza shipper so I'm glad to find someone who hates Jellal as much as me haha.
@Thatperson512 XD Like I said, I would ship just about ANYONE ELSE for Erza... she is a fangirl, and nothing more when Jell-douche is involved, and it pisses me off. Nerza would be awesome... I just wish Natsu would be like... "BITCH STOP HITTING ME!" sometime in the Anime, I mean, we all know Natsu is stronger than Erza, and in my opinion, due to how the creator shit on her character, a more likeable character in my opinion
I think Erza is great character when it comes to everything except her interactions with jell-douche.