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Hello~ We are back with another chapter! This one is an especially long one ;) I hope you guys enjoy it and this one will definitely leave you wanting more...XD Thanks for all your support for this series guys and enjoyy! :3 (Credit to owners!) Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I got you lovelies~ Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9

Chapter 10 - Conflicted

After explaining everything that happened, Adara sat there in shock. I looked at her with worry. “Are you okay?” I asked. She had been frozen like this for two minutes. I got up and started waving my hands in front of her eyes to see if she was even able to see me. She suddenly got up, startling me, and immediately started pacing around the room. “So, you mean to tell me,” she said. “That you met the EXO members, kissed one of them, almost kissed another, got confessed to, and have 2 of their numbers, all in one day?!” She stated confused. She looked at me and I nodded towards her, with a smile on my face. She sat back down, still processing everything that I had just told her, with a complete blank look on her face. She must be in denial, I know I would be. She suddenly grabbed me by the shoulders, her face close to mine. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME SOONER! THIS IS TOO MUCH. I THINK I AM GOING TO FAINT OR PASS OUT. THIS REALLY HAPPENED? HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!” She said, shaking me. “Woah, ok you are making me dizzy,” I said. She let go of me. “Sorry, I just don’t even know what to say,” She said, staring at the wall behind me. I couldn’t help but start laughing at her. “You know, I felt the same way when I first thought about it, but just denying that it happened is not even possible anymore. It wasn’t just a dream. This really happened and I am having dinner with them on Friday. I mean this is absolutely nuts right?” I looked towards her. She shook her head up and down, agreeing with me. Then, suddenly, she gave me this look, like she was plotting something. “What?” I asked nervous. She just continued to stare, giving me this terrifying look. “Soooooo…,” She started. “You still like him right? Your bias?” she asked, leaving me now in shock, with a smirk on her face. I started to turn red at the mention of it. “U-um…maybe?” I answered, embarrassed. “What maybe! You have liked him for 3 years and you can’t answer this one question?” She asked. “Or has D.O gotten to you?” She continued, causing me to become even more flustered. “I-I don’t know!!” I exclaimed, completely confused. “I don’t even know anymore. When I saw him at the beginning of the day, my started racing like crazy and then that moment I had with him…but then the moment around the lake with D.O…” I could feel my heart starting to beat again. I started to squirm and throw a tantrum like a 3 year old and fell off the couch. Adara started laughing at me. “Haijima~~~” I said. “Wow, these guys have really affected you,” she said. I just laid on the ground my face to the floor, not willing to move. “What are you going to do?” She asked. I turned my head to the side, glancing up at her. “I have absolutely no idea. My heart tells me one thing and my brain tells me another. I mean, I can’t even like them can I? How would it be fair to the fans, the other people who love them? I don’t want to be selfish and take them away from them. It just does not sit well with me…” I concluded. “But, if I feel a certain way for one of them, I can’t stop it can I? No matter how hard I try, especially if I keep on seeing them like this, my feelings will just grow stronger. Aigo~” Conflicted, I decided to just not move, so I would not have to adult. “Ok, enough of this,” Adara said, picking me up off the ground. “Stop throwing a pity party for yourself! So what if you like one of them? Who has the right to keep you away from them? If they are real fans, they would be happy for you guys. You should fight for it! After you sort out your feelings, of course.” She asked. I started to tear up. She pulled me into a hug. “I love you Y/N. You shouldn’t feel like you don’t have the right to like one of them. It isn’t fair to you. You are one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met. Any of those members would be lucky to have you. I mean, D.O obviously knows it,” She said. I couldn’t help but laugh, through my tears. I moved back from her grasp and looked up at her. “Thank you Adara. I really needed that,” I said, smiling. She smiled back at me, and pulled me in again. “I am always here for you, Y/N,” She said. We stayed hugging like this for a while. After I calmed down, I got up from the couch more determined than before. “Okay! I can do this! I need to sort out my feelings and then go after him with everything I got!” I asserted. “Although, should I really? I mean what if-“ “Oh my goodness! Stop it! YES, you should go for it! Ok, now before Friday, we need to pick an outfit, one that will blow their minds, and make them fall for you with one look!” Adara stated. “But before that we should go to bed. It is 12 and we both work tomorrow.” She said. I nodded and hugged her one last time. “Ok I will see you when I get home from work tomorrow!” I said, walking towards the door to my room. “Sounds good! Sleep well, love!” She stated, as she walked through her door, closing it behind her. I could not have asked for a better best friend. I smiled towards the direction that she had just left and headed into my own room. After securing the door behind me I climbed into my bed, trying not to think about the guys confusing my heart when I hear my phone ding. I look at my phone to see a text from D.O. I open it. “Are you still up? If not you will see this in the morning and that is ok too. I just wanted to say that the concert went well today and that we all can’t wait to see you guys on Friday! Ok, well I will leave you to sleep. Good night and sleep well^^” Unconsciously, I started smiling at his text. He is so adorable. I put down my phone deciding that I would text him back in the morning, as if I texted him now, I knew that I would not be able to sleep. I turned back towards the wall next to my bed and drifted into a deep sleep.
The next few days continued by very slowly. As I woke up Wednesday, I went to work and worked on the recording for the Running Man episode to be released on Sunday. It was tedious work, but it was always satisfying when the episode was released to see the final product. I worked with Choon-Hee and Jess and together we were able to finish our part of the clip fairly quickly. After work on Wednesday, Adara (reluctantly) took me to get an outfit for Friday. I had told her that I didn’t need a new one as I have plenty of clothes in my closet but she insisted, telling me that there was no way I would seduce any man in the clothes I have. After going through many stores, we had both found an outfit that we had liked. It was a cute, little, navy blue dress, with a white cotton collar, a white belt to go around my waist that matched my figure well, and a white frill at the bottom. I had decided to wear my white heels to the dinner, in order to emphasize my legs. We both went home and passed out after the shopping and we both went work on Thursday. Thursday flew by as well, as we planned for what would be happening in the next upcoming episode, deciding that BTS was the next band to come onto the show as their manager had agreed to it. We had planned the location and the games that the Running Man members would play with BTS. After deciding all of this, we finished around 7 o’clock. I went home and then proceeded to pass out after the long day. I was nervous at first about what tomorrow would bring, but I immediately, erased the thoughts I had, and went to sleep, dreaming of dinner with everyone tomorrow.
Careless, careless. Shoot anonymous, anonymous. Heartless, mindless. No one who cares about me~ ` I woke up to my alarm. I disgruntingly started moving my hand to find the off button on my alarm, and shut it off. I sighed into my bed. Today is the day. The day when I met the members for dinner and maybe, hopefully, find a way to sort through my feelings. I looked at the time and realized that it was 11 am. I did not have to work today but I still wanted to wake up somewhat early so I could mentally prepare myself for the day. I slowly got up out of bed to head to the living room and find Adara, sitting on the couch, watching Weekly Idol. She was laughing at the failures of the Random Play Dance of GOT7 when she turned and saw me come out of my bedroom. “Good morning~” She stated. I yawned. “Good…morning,” I groggily said as I rubbed my eyes. I went and sat down next to her on the couch, placing my head on her shoulder. “Are you excited about today?” She asked as she continued to watch the T.V, snacking on some fruit. “I am but at the same time I am so nervous. I don’t wan’t to go~” I said, whining like a two-year old. “You know you want to go! You just don’t want to see the members that make your heart flutter. You haven’t decided on what to do. Am I right?” She stated. She knows me too well. “Yeah,” I sighed. “I was hoping that after today I would get an answer to my feelings, which makes me even more nervous to go. I mean what if he doesn’t like me back?” I asked. I could feel her place her head on mine. “You don’t need to worry about that right now. You just need to sort through these feelings you have first and then you can get to that part, ok?” She said. “Ok now, let’s go get some lunch and then I am going to doll you up before you go pick up the other girls!” I smiled at her. “Ok, let me go get dressed real quick,” I said. I threw on a t-shirt and some shorts and we headed out the door to one of our favorite places. We ordered our usual, talking about how our lives have taken crazy turns for the better and then we headed back to our apartment and we started to get ready. Adara is a professional make-up artist, so letting her convince me to do my make-up and hair for tonight was no problem at all. I went and took a shower, and put on my dress. I then went and sat in front of the mirror in my bedroom as she started to braid my hair. After braiding a section of my hair, she then gathered the rest of my hair and put it up in a bun, and accessorizing it, with a small white flower. She did a more natural look for my make-up, taking only 10 minutes to make my appearance more beautiful than before. I looked at the mirror in shock. Is this really me? I couldn’t help but be amazed by Adara’s skills. “Thank you!” I got up and hugged her. She hugged me back. “No problem! I mean look at you, you are a beauty!” She said. I heard my phone ding. I glanced down to see a text from D.O, giving the address to the place that we were meeting. I closed the text and I saw that the time was 2:30. Crap! I need to go pick up Jess and Choon-Hee! I started to quickly gather my things and head out the door. “Wish me luck!” I said as I went through the door. “Knock ‘em dead!” I heard Adara yell back as I ran down the stairs. I got in my car and headed to pick up Jess first. I reached her house in about 10 minutes and she was waiting outside of the complex for me. She climbed in the car and we quickly went and picked up Choon-Hee. She was farther away as it took us 30 minutes to reach where she lived. After she hopped into the car we started driving to the restaurant.
“Are you guys nervous? Because I am,” Jess said. Choon-Hee and I both nodded. “I am terrified as well Jess but I think I am more excited than nervous. I mean who has the chance to have dinner with EXO?” Choon-Hee answered. “I am extremely nervous. I haven’t told you guys yet but, I think that I might like one of the members,” I said, quietly. “WHAT!” They both exclaimed simultaneously. “Y-yeah. I decided that I needed to sort out my feeling between D.O and the feelings I might have for my bias. I don’t want to lead D.O on especially, so as soon as I know, I am going to give it my all,” I bravely stated in front of them. They looked at me in shock. “What?! You guys always give me that look! I am being honest!” I exclaimed. “Wait…who is your bias?” Jess said. I avoided their eye contact, and instead decided to keep my eyes on the road. “I-I am not saying anything!” I said, causing both of them to start attacking me. “Why not?!” Jess said. “Come on! I want to know!” Choon-Hee stated. I shook my head, smiling at them. “Not telling~” I said. “Ugh! When will you tell us?!” Jess said. “It’s Sehun or Suho isn’t it!” Choon-Hee shouted. I became flustered at her comment. They both stared at me intently. I was not going to answer them, causing them to become frustrated. “Ok! If you are going to be that way…” Choon-Hee started. “Then I guess you will have to sit between them~” Jess finished. “Wait, WHAT,” I said, not wanting to be put in that situation. “Umm…can I sit next to you guys instead?” “No way! This is for not telling us who it is! Plus, I want to sit next to my Xiudaddy~” Choon-Hee stated. “I already told Chen that I would sit by him…sooo…” Jess said. I sighed. “Ok, ok. If it will amuse you guys that much to see me struggle, then I guess I will, if it ends up that way!” I said. Plus, it might help me sort these feelings of mine. Aish, what have you gotten yourself into girl! Around 4 p.m we arrived at the restaurant. We all got out of the car and started to head to the door. We all looked at each other one last time before we went in and quietly yelled a Hwaiting~ right before we walked in the door. As we headed inside, we saw that there was no one in the restaurant. Confused that we had come to the wrong place, a waitress came up to us. “Are you with Mr. Kim’s group?” she asked us. We nodded. “Follow me this way please,” she stated as we started walking. She led us upstairs to this private room, away from the public seating areas. As we headed inside we saw the EXO members and a few unfamiliar faces. They started to cheer as they saw us enter and we could hear some hollering mixed in with the cheers. The waitress took us to our seats. As they predicted, I was led to the seat between Suho and Sehun, Choon-Hee to the seat next to Xiumin and Chanyeol, and Jess to the seat next to Chen and a girl that we did not know. I looked at both Jess and Choon-Hee to see smirks on both of their faces. Happy? I thought as I looked back at them. I then looked around at everyone to see every single one of them to stare at me. “W-what?” I said. “Nothing, just that you look really different,” Lay stated. The other members started to nod their heads in agreement. “Come on, I don’t look that different, do I?” I asked starting to become very self-conscious of myself. “I-it’s a good different,” D.O stated from across the stable, very quietly. “Basically, we are all saying that you just look pretty Y/N,” Chanyeol stated, giving me a wink. I started to become red from all the flattery and confined in the menu to cover my face. “You all look beautiful in fact,” Chanyeol claimed, looking at all of the girls. “Hyung! Don’t be a player!” Xiumin stated, causing all of us to laugh. “W-what! I was being honest!” Chanyeol retorted, starting to become embarrassed. “Man, what I get for being nice…” Thanks to Chanyeol, the mood lightened up very quickly. “Oh how could we forget!” Baekhyun stated, causing all of us to look up. “You guys haven’t met our girlfriends yet. This beautiful lady sitting next to me is Ashley,” Baekhyun stated, giving her a wink. “Baekie, stop! Not in front of everyone~” she said playfully. “And this lovely lady to my left is my girlfriend, Vinny” Kai stated. She bowed slightly. “Hello~” she said quietly in our directions. “Ok, now you guys should introduce yourselves,” Suho said. “Let’s start with Y/N,” he stated looking at me. Flustered, I quickly greeted myself. “Hello, my name is Y/N, and I work in the Running Man PD Team, nice to meet you!” I said speedily, becoming embarrassed. As I finished my introduction, I suddenly felt a glare on me from somewhere. I shivered. I think I am imagining things. Choon-Hee then went next. “Hello~ My name is Choon-Hee and I also work in the Running Man PD Team,” she stated bowing towards the other girls. “Hi, my name is Jess and I work with both Choon-Hee and Y/N in the Running Man PD Team as well,” she quietly stated. “Ok, now that introductions are done, let’s order some food!” Suho stated. We all cheered.
I looked down at my menu and started to look for what I thought sounded delicious…hmm…should I get some Bulgogi or Samgyeopsal…decisions, decisions. As I was thinking about what to get, I suddenly felt a presence over my right shoulder. I looked over to see Sehun leaning over to me. Startled, I backed up a little bit. “Y-yes?” I said, becoming red. “You smell nice,” O__O. What… “Umm, thank you?” I asked, trying not to laugh. “Have you decided what you are getting yet?” He asked, I think trying to quickly change the topic. “No…I am stuck between Bulgogi or Samgyeopsal….both sound so good…” I said, conflicted. “You should get the Bulgogi,” he said. “No, you should get the Samgyeopsal,” someone else said. I followed the sound of the voice to the left of me and saw Suho looking at us. “And why should she get that Hyung?” asked Sehun, staring at Suho with what seemed like daggers in his eyes. “Because it is more delicious than Bulgogi and you can’t go wrong with it,” he said back at Sehun. “Well I think that she will enjoy the Bulgogi more and that it is the right choice for her,” Sehun stated. The atmosphere suddenly felt weirdly tense. I started to sink in my seat. Wow, they are really passionate about their meats. “What do you think Y/N?” they said simultaneously. “I think I am going to get the… Bulgogi,” I said. I heard Suho sigh to the left of me and Sehun cheer. “Ohorat!” He exclaimed. I tried really hard not to laugh but man, I never thought that I would hear him say that. “What are you guys getting?” I asked, trying to involve them both into a conversation. “Bulgogi,” they said at the same time. They both then glared at each other. I thought Suho liked Samgyeopsal…I am confused now. “Ok…well then we can all share!” I said, smiling at the both of them. They both then turned their heads away from me. What, is it something I said? I tried to get a look at both of their faces but they continued to move away from me. I sighed. “Ok, fine, I get it. You guys don’t want to share with me…” I said pouting. They both immediately turned back to me. “No Y/N that isn’t –“ “Of course I want to-“ I started laughing. “You guys are so silly. I mean it is just food right? What are you guys so tense about?” I asked. They both then got quiet. After a moment of awkward silence, the waitress came and took our orders. We then handed our menus to her after everyone ordered and we all started talking. The EXO members started talking about their concert- how well it went and how the fans were amazing. We all then started talking about the night at the hotel. As we started talking about it, I felt shivers again, as if someone was intensely staring at me. I looked around the group to see that Ashley, Baekhyun’s girlfriend was starting right at me. Startled, I looked away for a second and looked back to see her still staring at me. Wow if looks could kill...is she mad at me? Uncomfortable at the situation I quickly got up out of my seat. Everyone stopped talking and looked at me. “What is it Choon-Hee?” Chen asked. “I-I will be right back,” I said. I left the room and I headed to the bathroom. I glanced inside surprised to find how fancy the bathroom was. I went at sat down at a chair near the entrance of the bathroom to get away from the situation. I put my face in my hands, confused. Why was Ashley mad at me? I haven’t done anything to her that I know of. Just then, I heard the door to the bathroom open. I looked up to see Ashley standing in the doorway. I got up and I was going to leave when she moved in front of me blocking my way out. I glanced at her to see that her face was filled with disgust. “Can I help you?” I asked. She scoffed. “Do you think you can just come to this dinner and expect nothing to happen after what you did?” She stated. I gave her a confused look. “What did I-“ “Don’t play dumb with me,” She asserted, closing in on me. “You know what you did. You kissed my boyfriend.” It then hit me. The kiss I accidently had with Baekhyun…How did she find out? “O-Oh…” I started. “That was an accident, I accident-“ “I don’t want to hear any excuses. What you did was wrong. He belongs to me. What? You think you can take him from me? Think again,” she aggressively stated. I started to become scared. I don’t think she knows that it wasn’t on purpose. “Look, I am so-“ I suddenly felt a sting on the side of my face. I looked back at her and realized that she had slapped me. I put my hand up to my wound, trying to prevent myself from crying. What is wrong with her? “Do something like that again or even get close to my man, and there will be a worse punishment than what you just received,” She said walking out the door with a smirk on her face, before I could get a chance to explain myself. “Let that be a lesson.” Frustrated and upset, I ran out of the bathroom and started to head down the stairs. I ran out of the building, not looking back, tears streaming down my face.
“Y/N!” I heard someone call. No, please whoever it is, please just go away. I continued to run. “Y/N! Wait!” The voice of the person suddenly grabbed me by the arm, stopping me in my tracks. “L-let me go!” I said, my voice wavering. “Y/N, look at me,” He said. I shook my head. “Just please, leave me alone!” I yelled, trying to escape from his grasp but he was holding on too tight. “Y/N!” He said, pulling me towards him. I looked up to see that the man of the voice that had followed me was Sehun. I looked up at him, with my bruised and tear-stained face to see him looking at me in shock. “W-what happened?” “Please, Sehun, just let me be by myself for a little bit,” I whispered, still crying, not wanting to meet his eyes. “Who did this to you Y/N?” The tone in his voice suddenly changed. I looked up at his face and instead of the caring and concerned face he had just one second ago, it quickly changed into anger. “WHO DID THIS!” I jumped at his yelling. Noticing that, he calmed down once again. “Sorry” he said. “I-its okay,” I reassured him. “I-it was Ashley. She was mad at me for the Baekhyun incident and I tried to explain it to her but she wouldn’t listen to me. It all happened so fast. I didn’t even get to explain the story,” I said, in between my sniffling. “But don’t blame her Sehun, okay? It is my fault for this accident so don’t do anything okay?” I asked him, smiling. He looked down at me and his face changed from anger to what looked like pain. “C-can I be alone now? I want to calm down before I go back,” I asked him, trying to get out of his grasp. But he wouldn’t let go of me. I looked up to see him still looking down at me. “S-sehun?” That was when he pulled me towards him into a hug. My started to beat like crazy. Before I could say anything he started to talk. “I am sorry Y/N. It is my fault that his happened. I texted her as soon as I found out that you and Baekhyun kissed,” he said, increasing his hold on me. “I never fully explained it to her and now you are the one that got hurt. I never meant for that to happen Y/N, I am sorry,” he said and I could feel him shaking as he held me in his arms. I had stopped crying and instead I was red in the face and my heart was racing like crazy. “W-why did you do that Sehun?” I asked. He suddenly pulled me away from him, his hands still on my shoulder and he looked down at me. My heart skipped a beat as he was staring at me. He suddenly brought one of his hands up to my face, gently touching the area that was still stinging. I could feel my face starting to heat up. “I did it because I was jealous. I was jealous that he kissed you before I did,” He said, not looking at my face anymore, but instead at the bruise on my face. W-what? What did he just say? My heart rate was increasing as we stood there like this. I then realized how close we were to each other and how our faces were only inches apart. I couldn’t look at him in the eyes anymore and I turned my head down to hide my embarrassment. “Y/N?” He said softly. I looked up at him one more time, most likely completely red in the face, to see that his face was closer than before. That is when he suddenly grabbed my face with both of his hands and pressed his lips against mine. My heart was racing like crazy in this moment. At first I was shocked and then I relaxed as he gently kissed me being careful and not too forceful. This is when my heart got even more confused than before. He then moved his hands from my face and put them around my waist, bringing me in closer to him. All judgements and other feelings out the window, I fell into his spell as we kissed and as time seemed to stop - just for the two of us.
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