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1) The one who got me in.... 2) The one who I first stanned.... 3) The one who made me stay .... 4) The one who crashed my list
#1. THE ONE WHO GOT ME IN. So I started watching the show Roommates when it first aired and he was on it.... before then I never listed to an EXO song and i never thought i would until the episode where he introduced some of the cast of Roomates to the EXO member so I figured I might as well see what this song they were aing was about and I was hooked.
#2. THE ONE WHO I FIRST STANNED. I think it is because we can look cute and innocent then we look like we want to murder someone or are just being evil
#3. THE ONE WHO MADE ME STAY. Need I say more... he is the one I always unconsciously look for
#4 THE ONE WHO CRASHED MY LIST. AT FIRST he looks so innocent then you start paying him more attention then BAM he becomes this sexy thing and just ruins your WHOLE LIST!!!!!!