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It’s undeniable that the developed world is moving into smaller, more efficient homes. However, Vietnamese German, Berlin-based designer Van Bo Le-Mentzel, has taken this trend to its most extreme with his One-SQM-House. Wheels are attached to the base of the One-SQM-House to ensure maximum portability. Van Bo’s idea is that your home should follow you wherever you go. The plans for One-SQM-House are being given out by the designer for free. This do-it-yourself house can be made using only everyday tools and materials. The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless has started an initiative getting homeless youth to build their first One-SQM-House. If you want to try living in the One-SQM-House in Berlin, you can send your request to Van Bo on Airbnb.
yah indee it is a cool idea, and i think it would be a cheap option for budget traveler as well :)
Cool idea for housing in the future! And i hope it is cheap as well :)