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Guys JYPark abouts to roast all idol out there lol But for reals his New song just dropped and it I about had it with JYPE ruining my life!!
Heck yeah he still at his peak!!! Man still drops hit songs like no tomorrow!
Straight out dissing idols! Like he never did cute or said that his fans were his lovers, all he did was act like a player and yet he is still famous and to this day he still winning awards!
Thats crazy that he has come a long way from the 90s to 2016 and he still slays the charts, I respect him.
Seriously he is a legend. And I thank him everyday for everything he has given me like GOT7 and Day6, 2pm, 2am and all the amazing songs that I am now able to listen to thanks to him because his music is life!
But like JYP please rethink your fashion statements lol
Also take his video kinda like a joke because he is seriously not offending any idols, he wishes them as much success as he has!
Check out his video! You won't regret it!
that's exactly what I said to my friend about this video haha it's just jyp being savage AF xD
I love how Jackson and JYP get along so well. On roommate they both looked like father and son.