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I thought it was finally time for a Jin story....although I was waiting on sharing but I changed my mind.


Please Enjoy. Continue reading? Part 2
If I didn't have my friends I don't know what i would do. I have a boyfriend who I love... And my best friend Jin. We are amazing together. We both are goofy at times and love to eat. He says he's better at cooking than me but I think I'm good in my own way. Sometimes he acts like he's a princess but that is what makes us so amazing. We protect each other as much as we can. We used to pretend to date when there was someone hitting on us that we didn't like. it made high school easier to get through. Jin and I were hanging out at my place with a few of our friends when my boyfriend came home. He wasn't to happy and asked everyone to leave. They all left quickly and I told Jin as he was walkong out the door Id text him before I went to bed, and then I went to comfort him. Something was up. It was strange for him. "Baby what's wrong?" "I'm sick of always coming home to you and your friends!" "Well they are important to me." "You need to give me some of my own time then. Not everyday but at least 4 where I come home to just you." "Well that's reasonable." "No more Jin either." "What?!?!" "He has some feelings for you." "Oh come on your crazy were best friends."


Oh my...he just slapped me. I cupped my face and backed away. He had never hit me before.... Why did he hit me? I had tears brimming in my eyes. I tried to stop them. He realized what he did. He took a step forward. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to. Please don't be afraid. It won't happen again I promise." I believed him and forgave him. It had never happened so I figured I'd be safe. I didn't tell Jin about it because I figured he didn't need to know. I did as he asked and He would come home in a better mood. I don't know why or when but I never noticed the change in his behavior. Normally I would have several friends over but this one night Jin came over just him. Brad came home early and I don't know why I panicked but I did. What was going to happen? I quickly told Jin to hide and although he was trying to figure out why he hid in the closet. I shut the door and turned around just in time for Brad to walk in the door. "Hi babe." I said smiling walking over to him. "Where is he? I see his car is here." "He stepped out awhile ago." "I told you he's not allowed over here anymore." "But I told you that's crazy. He's my best friend." "(Y/n) I don't fucking care!" He shoved me against the wall. "Stop it please." I whispered I was worried Jin would burst out. "Will you ever fucking listen to me." "But Jin is my best friend, I don't want to lose him." "He had feelings for you. who do you want Him or me!?" He screamed and I didn't answer. "Oh your not going to answer?" He got close to my face. I didn't know what to do. "Oh babe." He smirked and then punched the wall next to my head. I stood there shocked. "You'll start listening to me won't you." "Yes..." "Then alright." He let me go and walked upstairs. He got into the shower and I ran to the closet. I was still shaken by what had happened. "Jin you need to leave now." "(Y/n) I can't leave you here." "I'll be fine just go well talk later ok?" "Fine but.." He grabbed where Brad had grabbed. I winced he let go and wrapped his arms around me in a hug. I'm glad he didn't see anything and only saw what had happened. "I'll always be here for you. Im just one call away ok?" "Ok" I said and then he ran out the door. I was not going to cry. I wasn't. It just wasn't an option. I just hoped Jin would always be by my side....sadly he can't protect me from my own boyfriend expecially when I don't want him getting hurt. I did as Brad said sort of. I hung out with Jin outside of my house and never had him over. Soon I started to never have my friends come over. Even though there wasn't any other incident for several months. I didn't let any of my friends come over because I just didn't want to risk getting him angry. Jin and I had a discussion but it ended with me just saying that it was fine. I made the comment of needing him by my side and that I never wanted to lose him. He just hugged me and said if I needed to leave he would let me stay at his place and to just call him or text him. One night I went home a little later than usual. I walked in the door and put my stuff down and turned to walk to the kitchen. His face was right there. "Hi babe." I said smiling trying to give him a kiss but he moved away. "Why are you late?" "Just spending time with friends I lost track of time." "With Jin?" "No." I lied "Your not lying to me are you?" "Why would I lie to you?" I said this with a little to much attitude.


He slapped me across the face. I backed up this made me so angry. "You know what yes I was with Jin and my other friends! I'm allowed to see who I want when I want!" I screamed at him. "I told you no more Jin." He got close to me and I held my ground. "Jin was in my life before you and I will not lose him. He is very important to me!"


Another slap to the other cheek. I was not going to cry. "You think this is some kind of game? You love me and need to listen to what I say."


This time he punched me. I hit the ground. Why was he acting like this. He didn't even apologize he just continued to hurt me. He kicked me in the stomach. And I just curled up into a ball. Trying to protect myself. After what felt like forever he stopped and left me there. I was about to cry. This couldn't be happening. I know that I was trying to stand my ground but there had to be something that triggers this hostility towards me and towards I really need to stop being friends with Jin? I pulled out my phone. This was going to break my heart, I coukdnt even get the courage to call him. Me: We can't be friends... Jin: what happened? Me: nothing this is goodbye Jin: (y/n) don't do this Jin: please tell me why Jin: its him isn't it Jin: please..... Don't do this...we've been friends forever. Jin: (y/n).... I'll always be your friend even if you say were not. I laid there on the floor crying. I had said I wouldn't cry but losing my best friend hurt. I couldn't face my best friend anymore. I couldn't. I had bruises everywhere and had to try to cover it up.
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1 is too many, 1 in 10 people are in an abusive relationship (Mental/Emotional/Physical)

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alot of people go through this and feel ashamed and don't call for help until it's too late. girls if a guy ever hits you, run away because there is a chance that he will do it again.
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