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This chapter to dedicated to @KaeliShearer @LeannePratt You gals guess the idol right!!! It's a short update but I hope you will like it. Happy reading - @lopleaf19 @KiinLyr @EmilyPeacock @CamrynCherry @amandamuska @MaritessSison @EmmaJolie
Been a week since the fansign, life was back to usual routine with classes full swing. As always, I went to the cafe around 6 after my classes were done. Like any day, the little cafe was already packed with customers. The girl who helps out during the day took her leave as I came in. I got on with work taking the orders when I notice a tall guy pushed his way into the cafe. For a sec I thought it was my tall guy but then I couldn't be sure with the masked and hood on. I collect the empty trays and return to the counter. The tall guy was looking around and when he saw I was looking at him, he walked up to the counter. Only then I realized, he was indeed my tall guy... 'OH Hey...hello again. So you made it' I smiled at him. 'Yeah, I was planning to visit last week but couldn't make it as my schedule was pretty tight' he replied. 'Well, now that you're here, I know what exactly to get you...I told him as I went to prepare him the biggest cup of coffee available. 'You want anything to munch on' I asked. 'Nah...I'm good. Coffee will do'. I handed over his coffee, I notice there was no empty seat anywhere. So I asked if he would be OK to have his coffee outside. 'Usually, only my boss guest use that area and public doesn't have access to it' I added. 'Your boss wouldn't fire you if you let me there, will he?" tall guy asked. I laughed and assured him he won't and led him to the balcony. I told him I'd come back in a bit as I had to inform the kid who was helping me to carry on without me for sometime. I came back to find tall guy sipping on his coffee, hood down and mask gone, I could see his face clearly. He is one good looking guy I thought smiling. 'So what brings you to this part?' I asked sitting down opposite to him. 'Well, for starters I wanted to make use of your free-coffee-offer and second, to get your name' he said smiling. 'OK that's a pretty good reason' I laugh...I did realized we never got to exchange names that day I'. I guess today is the perfect day to start over...tall guy smiled. Couldn't agree more. Well, let's do it I laughed. 'Hi again...My name is Rae, very nice to meet you' I said as I extended my hands. 'Hello again...very nice to meet you Rae, he smiled as he shooked my hands. My name is CHANYEOL'
Thanks for keeping up with this story. I hope you're liking it. Share your thoughts!! Oh yeah...if you can think of any good title for this FF please suggest in the comment section coz this ninja can't think of one!!
I shall!
Hi, I was wondering if you could tag me in this story? I enjoy it a lot. Thank You.
@PeachyLife no probs girlie!!
@drummergirl691 that's a befitting title for my storyline 😊
@LeannePratt hahaha yep I knew someone would def guess from the image blur as it might πŸ˜‚ fan girl vibe is strong!! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
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