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I'VE MADE MY FIRST KPOP MERCHANDISE ORDER!!! On the road to being broke lol
Nah I'm just playing...or am? I because merchandise is expensive! Well I've been wanting some stuff since I got into KPOP, May of last year, so I made an Amazon account so my family could see my wish list for Christmas. They didn't get me anything from my wish list those poos, BUT my oldest brother gave me a Amazon gift card just because he wasn't sure on what I really wanted so I was like YES! So I've finally used the card and it was HARD! There's so many awesome items and I'm just like "I want clothing but what if I don't like how it fits." so I chose items that were One Size Fits All. But still it was hard deciding what I wanted because the card was $25 so I was like BOOM BOOM BOOM buying all of this but I was over the amount so I was like "Okay, what do I really want right now and what can wait." And at first I settled on the PigRabbit with purchasing the clip separately.
Like honestly who doesn't want a PigRabbit, BUT I started going through my list some more then adding more to the list and I was like losing my mind trying to make up my mind on what to buy. I ended up spending $23.47 and it ticks me off that I didn't spend all $25 because when am I ever going to deposit money into my Amazon account; unless I get another gift card for my birthday.
BUT THIS IS WHAT I BOUGHT. I'm quite happy with my choices.
I don't have any Kpop posters or photos and I don't want to get my mom angry on wasting her ink so this was a MUST buy. It was so hard on choosing BTS or EXO.
The rest are MUST HAVE
I'm just worried that my mom will have a BF, Bitch Fit, when the packages get delivered. Because it's 3 separate sellers that I'm buying from so I'm going to get three packages. Plus I sent them to my dad's business so the post man won't get lost because if I sent them to the P.O I will never see them if my mom gets her hands on them. My dad would be more understanding since it was my Christmas present from my brother, so thank you to my brother who bought me my first Kpop merch lol.
Some sad news that I'm trying to mentally grasp is that I'm 99% sure I'm not going to see GOT7 in Dallas this July. It's makes me sad just thinking about it. I mean like Jackson is my UB and I'm going to stop before I break down. My throat already hurts for holding it in. But I don't regret seeing EXO even when my mom said it's the last concert she's paying for.
There's will always be a next time, Jackson...THERE'S WILL ALWAYS BE A NEXT TIME!
I go cry myself to sleep now
So questions for you guys are...
What was your first KPOP merch?
If you don't own any merch what do you wish to buy?
Finally, Is there any concerts you regret not going to?
@xsandos17 I know how you feel about not going to Dallas. I've been begging my parents to let me go but I'm pretty sure they're not gonna let me. I need to see Mark....and my first Kpop merchandise purchase is a Got7 long sleeve shirt thy says Mark on the back!
Congratulations! I totally know how it feels when parents don't agree with your kpop obsession, so I always try to find ways to get some merch😉. the first merch I got was from a convention I go to every year. I go alone or with friends, so my parents don't know what I'm buying in the dealers room. I recently bought 3 albums of amazon, but I don't have an amazon/paypal account, so I asked my friend to buy it off hers. Of course, I paid her back the total price so she wouldn't be losing anything😄
I never got kpop merchandise but I want albums, hats,sweaters, posters and a bunch of other stuff
@cardboardart I need to see Jackson; if I get the money I want to buy at the least the tickets where you get to get a high touch from the members. That would be so amazing! If not just being able to see them perform would make me so happy.
He only Kpop merchandise I ever bought myself was Big Bang's MADE e series CD. The other kpop merch I've bought was for my friend who introduced me to Kpop. It was a BAP backpack, a silk U-Kiss poster, and another copy of the Big Bang cd that I gave for her birthday. I also bought her Big Bang stickers from the concert I went to.
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