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When I first heard about SM making this Neo Culture Technology I was FREAKED OUT. The use of the term Neo Culture Technology just makes its sound like SM is out for new world domination, which they basically are. This NCT program from what I can understand is to have essentially a massive group, with at least 40+ members, that will promote and perform in their own respective areas. Sub units in Korea, China, Latin America and even more that will all perform the same songs just in their own languages. At least this is what I could gather from the talk that the head of SM gave which explained this whole NCT program. It all just sounds like some new way for corporations to make more money off of us mindless music consumers, and I have to admit it's working. This song had me hooked from the 3 second mark. I'm already Googling the members, memorizing names, and trying to figure out who's the leader and who's the visual. From the choreography, to the cinematography; the clothes, to the rapper being able to sing the high note, I'm am going to be in deep with this NCT shit. It's giving me Dean/Jay Park in You Know/ Taemin press your number vibes, and I am hitting the replay button like there's no tomorrow. I feel like I'm being brainwashed by SM's new system, but I'm ok with it. The second single for this sub unit, NCT U, releases on the Tenth of April titled 'Without You'. So what do you think of this new group/ new program? Do you feel like SM is making a smart move for the future of music, or does it seem too manufactured and unauthentic? **I highly suggest watching the full explanation of this Neo Culture Technology on SM's YouTube channel**