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Last week, a young journalist reported on a homicide in her neighborhood, and was quickly struck with criticism. Hilde Kate Lysiak (9) received a tip early Saturday morning on vandalism had occurred in her hometown of Selinsgrove, PA. This tip led her to information about the murder investigation that was unfolding just blocks from her home. As any good reporter would, she immediately got to work verifying the information, investigating the situation, and reporting the news to her community. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, she was able to break the story hours before her professional competition, the local news stations and papers. She posted photos, a full length article (, and a video on her online news outlet.
Some of the residents of her hometown were not impressed and started to berate her on her Facebook page with criticism and discouragement. She received comments like, “I think this is appalling that u would do a story like this when all the facts are not in yet,” and some said that she should "stick to tea parties and playing with dolls". They went after her parents, too, saying, “does no one realize that this is a 9 year old reporting this type of graphic information! I mean, what parents are encouraging this type of behavior!” Hilde Lysiak shot back.
This little girl is standing her ground. She's not going to let anyone else force her to give up on her dreams or her work as a reporter. Hilde has slapped down the critics and returned to doing what she loves, and in the process, has unwittingly drummed up a massive wave of support and encouragement. But she's not the only little girl who deserves an onslaught of support and encouragement...we should provide the same for ALL girls, push them to chase their dreams and to ignore the naysayers.
I'm loving it!
That's incredible!!! I wish I'd had that kind of motivation when I was 9.