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Hello Z Warriors!

It's time for a DBZ community challenge!

Today's Challenge is all about our favorite family the Son Family! That's right Son Goku's family! All the Way from the hero himself to his adorable granddaughter Pan!
Today's Challange is a simple one. Make a card or leave a comment about your favorite member of Son Goku's family and why.

For those who don't know all the members of Goku's family let's meet them in order of family tree!


The great Saiyan warrior, Bardock was well respected among his fellow warriors. Bardock is the father of Kakarot and Raditz and servant to Frieza. Bardock gained psychic abilities after a mission on planet Kanassan and a weaken survivor transferred the ability to Bardock. With this new power Bardock was able to see Frieza's true intentions and tried to rebel against him. After Frieza had Bardock's team killed, Bardock went after Frieza alone. Bardock stood tall against the overlord but in the end it was all in vain and he was struck down and met his demise. His end was not so tragic though as he had a vision that his Son Kakarot would stand to face Frieza and stop him.


The oldest son of Bardock Raditz was a true low-class Saiyan warrior. Raditz was ruthless and agressive, exactly what you expect of a Saiyan. Raditz was the weaker of his team but sill a strong adversary. Raditz went down to Earth to find his younger brother Kakarot. After discovering Kakarot betrayed his Saiytan heritage and protected the Earthlings, Raditz stole Kakarot's son, Gohan. Kakarot, now known as Goku would fight his brother to take back his son and thanks to the aide of his former rival, Piccolo, Goku was able to stop Raditz taking his own life in the process.

Son Gohan (the first)

Son Gohan was a simple old man who lived a simple life. Gohan lived alone, far away up in the mountains. Gohan once trained in martial arts under the training of the turtle hermit Master Roshi. One day Gohan came across a strange spherical object, inside was a young boy with a strange tail. Gohan would name boy Son Goku. Goku was aggressive and hard to control, he would fight Gohan with everything he tried to do. One day on a walk Gohan dropped the young Goku on his head and after a recovery period Goku became a sweet child. Unfortunately for Gohan, the tail on Goku would transform him into a great ape and it would bring Gohan to his death.

Son Goku

Goku was taught as a young child from his Grandpa, Gohan, to always be kind and respectful to others. Goku was a strange little boy with great strength. Over time Goku would receive training from Master Roshi, Master Korin, and the guardian of Earth Kami. Goku would face may difficult challenges fighting many strong opponents. Goku always pushes himself to become stronger, pushing past the limits his body can handle. Goku has achieved the level of a Super Sayian God and ever pushed further than that becoming a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. Goku continues his Grandpa's message and is a kind soul treating everyone he meets with respect.


Chi-Chi is the daughter of the Ox King and wife to Son Goku. Chi-Chi spent most of her childhood in the Ox King's castle learning martial arts from her father. When she met Goku she fell in love right away and even asked if he'll marry him. Goku would agree to have a wedding but only because he thought wedding was some kind of food. Chi-Chi would grow up and fight Goku on the first round of the 23rd world martial arts tournament. After expalianing who she is and what she was after Goku realized what a horrible mistake he made. Goku soon apologized to Chi-Chi and purposed on the spot, Chi-Chi continues to be the worried mom and wife of Goku and his two children.

Son Gohan (the second)

Gohan is the eldest son of Chi-Chi and Son Goku. As a small child Gohan a fragile and not like his father at all. Gohan was a genius as his mother had him hit the books since he was 3 years old. Gohan would unlock his true strength over time as when he became angry he couldn't control his power and would even be stronger than his father. Gohan would reach the level a Super Saiyan, just like his father, and through an explosion of anger reach the level of Super Saiyan 2! After training on the planet of the Kais Gohan would surpass being a Super Saiyan and reach a level simply known as Ultimate Gohan. Gohan has since settled down and stopped his training to focus more on his family. Even though he resumed a little of his training he still is not as strong as he once was.

Son Goten

Goten is a young child who most represents his father. Just like Goku, Goten has a childlike wonder. Goten is care free and loves to discover more about the world. Unlike his brother, Gohan, Goten was able to train in martial arts and trained with his mom, Chi-Chi. Goten quickly learned his potential and was able to transform into a Super Saiyan with little to no effort. Along with his best friend, Trunks, Goten competed in the child's division of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament in which he met his father for the first time. Goten is able to fuse with Trunks to become the powerful but arrogant warrior known as Gotenks. Goten still has a lot of training ahead of him and so long as the girls don't get in the way, Goten could be as strong as his dad.

Videl Satan

Videl is the daughter of the World Champion Hercule Satan. Videl was cocky at first as she thought she was a far superior fighter and student than Son Gohan and eveyone else in her class. being the daughter the World Champ it's no surprise that Videl would feel this way, if only she knew that she could probably beat up her dad. After discovering the great saiyaman's true identity as Son Gohan, Videl would take training under Gohan. Videl would eventually fall for Gohan and get married to him and give birth his daughter, Pan. Videl is strong willed and has a lot of love for her family. Videl continues to show support to Gohan and all of the Son family and raises a fighting daughter.

Son Pan

Pan is the daughter of Videl and Son Gohan. Pan is only four years old but is already stronger than an adult grown man with a strong martial arts background. Pan is kind and sweet and an adorable little girl. Pan can fly around the world in only minutes. As the daughter of Gohan and the Granddaughter of Goku it's no doubt that Pan will be stronger than most can imagine. Son Pan's life has just started but with proper training she could even be stronger than her father and maybe even her grandfather.

Ladies and gentlemen, Z warriors of all ages I bring to you the Son family!Possibly the most powerful family in anime.

So who is your favorite member? Let me know in your own card and tell me why. and don't forget to tag me.

Thanks for reading everyone and don't forget to Rock the Dragon!

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hmm i would say son gohan the second or son goku
Awesome card NAKAMA!! And def son goku family for life!! The strongest family line hands down!!
Goku has always been my favorite
I'm going with son goku. Period
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