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{NC} Clichés that I love!

Nakama Campfire Challenge #7 - What anime cliché do I love. Well this one came easier than the one regarding clichés I don't like. So what cliché do I like!? That would be the animal girls!
I absolutely love these girls!!!! Could be a neko girl, bunny girl, fox girl, wolf girl, it just don't matter! I love them all!!! You'll find one in almost every anime! Weather she is just dressing up as one or really is one, I live them!
My personal favorite are the servant girls! Others can be innocently good girls or vicious bad girls! Some can even be half robots while some and the geniuses who build the androids! That's another thing about them I love! They are not limited to played just one part, you can have them play any part weather it's good or bad, funny or serious. It's just not possible to have a bad character when they have a tail and animal ears, and if they have animal eyes too....oh yes please!!!!!
Sorry it was a day late, things came up yesterday but here is my challenge card! Hope you all enjoyed it....what am I saying of course you did! It's about animal girls! Of course it was loved!!! Bring on the next challenge!! @hikaymm @InVinsybll
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