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So I know some people aren't big fans of certain groups and would rather not be tagged in cards to do with them which is perfectly fine because I want to make sure this is enjoyable for everyone. ♡♡ * Note if you are already on my tag list and want to be tagged in everything you don't have to do anything ♡♡ this is if you only want to be tagged for certain groups*
Just a reminder on which groups I will be posting about. If you only want to be tagged in Ikon related things just comment Ikonic
If you only want to be tagged in Got7 comment Igot7
If you wish to be tagged in only infinite related things comment inspirit.
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Same answer as my feels killing daughter @Lexxcisco Lol
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you better keep tagging me on all your stuff lol
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@twistedPuppy of course same goes for you.
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@Sammie99522 but of course lol
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