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Body Transformation Fat to Muscle What's up everybody! Here's a video I put together to show my body transformation fat to muscle with daily progress pics and also the foods that I ate. Warning ⚠ you may get hungry while watching this video! You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight, I sure didn't... More carbs instead of low carbs! I will be starting a new video series of the Superhero Bulking program to see if that works. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to follow my new 8 month journey. Aggressive Fat Loss: http://udskam.xyz http://youtube.com/udskam
you killed it! @udskam 😉
SD REPPIN!!!! I'm dying that you went to Valley View buffet and were still able to get such epic results. So rad.
Oh jk that's Harrah's.
@danidee lol.. Yea, with the program I was on, there was 1 refeed day per week. I used it wisely, hah...
I can't even be mad. I would be spending it at all the taco shops. Carne asada burrito for every meal.