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I was tagged on the ↝GIF↜challenge card @SarangRavi (below link to her original card) If you knew how many folders I have, you will know how frustrated I was....( I decided to open each folder from BigBang only and use the 4th Gif I got)
1. When Your Dog Die!! (J: I guess we are all going to the funeral)
2. When you see something, you don't want to see. (J: Bang Bang Bang .... you away?)
3. When you see someone you hate fall (J: I am just ready to throw another banana peels... to make sure he fall again)
4. When your favorite group is in your Area (J: I was so excited, my pant fall )
5. When you can't go (J: I think the gif explain all)
6. When you meet your Bae (J: I am just too happy... those are happy tears)
7. When you have birthday party (J: Surprise party!!!)
8. When nobody show up. (J: No... I see "somebody" here)
9. When you have a date (J: You better show up or else!!!!)
10. When your date got cancelled (J: Because I got a better plan!!)
I had finished.... my challenge!!!! Tag my ★BB squad members★: @KwonOfAKind @Helixx @JiyongLeo @catchyacrayon @BBxGD Tag my ☆VIXXENS squad☆: @JiyongLeo @kelseyblair @Helixx @MandyNoona @AimeeH
This was hilarious XD OMG
I see "somebody" here... omg I'm rolling lollll
im sorry but did you see in number 8 something in gd pants was poking throughs his pants I just had to point it out and I can see top pointing a gun at us lol but I'm sorry I just had to
@lovetop no problem. 😄
@SarangRavi No problem... thanks for the frustrated challenge😛😛😛😛
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