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Attention All ST☆RLIGHTS

So I thought I made this card earlier this week, but apparently it didn't upload and got lost in the interwebs.

So ghost card, thank you for not uploading. You are not the MVP.

Reason for this card:

☆ I will Be bringing a screenshot game every Saturday, Centered around VIXX.

☆ Each Week will be a different Theme.

Since I have done a lot of these in the past, I have quite the amount of Ideas.
Yes, if you don't want to miss these, I will Leave a new Folder Below ⬇ BE sure to follow; just in case I miss you in the tagging. Leave a comment if you'd like to be tagged in these, as well.

☆ The first Edition will be up later this afternoon.

Tagging VIXXENS:

Tagging Requested ST☆RLIGHTS:

Yay!!! Love these!
@AimeeH you are the best, will do!
@KellyOConnor Okay I just added you to the tag!! Be sure to check our the screenshot game I uploaded Saturday!!
tag me tag me please!
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