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Hey HEY hey, Here is Chapter 21 Y'all! Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi *NOTE* This story is not mine! Simply sharing. I did get permission from the Author Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› ♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: I don’t even know anymore Others Characters in Chapter: Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Jungkook Length: 3816 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 21/? He gently moved me back to an upright position. I stiffened at his touch. He put his hand on my chest to feel my heartbeat, and gave a small, unamused smile. “You’re scared of me aren’t you?” This isn’t him. This can’t be him. He’s just pissed. I shook my head and whispered “No. I’m not scared.” He laughed and tauntingly whispered in my ear. “Liar liar, pants on fire.” I shook my head. “I meant it. Do your worst.” I’m ready.
Y/n’s POV I flinched as Yoongi swept all my papers and my lamp off my desk in anger. I was still sat immobilised on my bed, to scared to move. I couldn’t hear noises from outside anymore, but I wasn’t sure whether Jungkook had just given up, or Yoongi was being too loud for me to hear him. “Tell me y/n. Who’s are you?” He was breathless from trashing my room up, but even angrier than before, if that was possible. Do not say Jungkook’s name, for Christ’s sake. I shifted uncomfortably on the bed. “No one’s”, I whispered, remembering not to say his name. I swear, if he shoots that thing at me again, I’m gonna piss myself.  He chuckled, clearly unamused. He leant down and grabbed my throat. It was still sore from Taehyung’s death grip earlier. Yoongi slowly applied more and more pressure, but I tried not to give away from my face that it hurt. “Is that so, sweetheart?”, he cooed. I just shut my eyes and took it, waiting for him to let me go. Then, I thought, Why the hell does he care anyway? He called me a one time fuck! My eyes snapped open, just in time to see Yoongi’s face. His features, previously contorted in anger, were calm. In fact, he looked like he was deep in thought himself as he stared at me. He let go of my throat, and I coughed, my throat raw from all the shouting and crying. There was a water bottle on the floor next to my bag, but I wouldn’t dare move to get it. That would be suicidal. Ha. Y/n. Not like you’re walking out of his alive anyway. I didn’t know what else to call him apart from ‘Yoongi’, so I just referred to him as ‘you’. “You thing I’m a slut. A player. A traitor. You’re angry. You came here to kill me, so kill me”, I muttered. I was just stating his point of view, because it seemed futile to argue.  I clenched my fists in frustration, and the muscle movement hurt my arm. I hissed in pain. Never in my life had I  felt so shitty, so broken. Yoongi was just stood in the middle of my room, breathing deeply. He wasn’t staring at me, rather he was staring through me. Like I wasn’t even there. What is he thinking? I heard a loud bang from outside. And a booming voice. I know that voice! Taehyung! Never did I think I’d be happy to hear that brat. I got up off the bed, slowly. Yoongi didn’t move. What the hell has got into him? I slowly tried to walk past him, but he grabbed my wrist, his fingers digging into my skin. I winced at his touch. He was sweating, but he felt cold. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”he spoke slowly, accentuating each word. “I heard Taehyung”, I replied simply. He whirled me around to face him. “Oh.Taehyung”, he mocked. “Going to fuck him now? Another name to add to your list, right?”  “What the fuck?”, I snapped without thinking. “I was going to tell him everything’s fine and go home. Stop putting words in my mouth.” This was true. If Taehyung was here, he would have bought weapons. And as much as I hated Yoongi and what he was doing to me, I wanted Taehyung to go. I didn’t want any more bloodshed. Yoongi pondered over my words, then smirked. “Bet that’s not the only thing that’s been in your mouth, babe.” My face was one of pure disgust as I tried to push him away. But of course, he didn’t move. In fact, he pulled me in closer. I swallowed, before carefully speaking. “We aren’t a thing. We were never a thing. So why do you care what I do?” Before he could reply, the door crashed open. I struggled until Yoongi let me go, and ran to the room next door. “Taehyu-”, I started to scream, but I was cut off by his facial expression. I could make out Hoseok behind him, but I was too focused on him to really take in Hoseok’s presence. I heard Jungkook before…where is he? Taehyung’s face was blank, almost lifeless. He dropped the gun in his hand. I stepped forward, confused. “Taehyung?”, I whimpered. He slowly started swaying on his feet, before he fell forward on his face. Then I saw it. There was a large knife sticking out his back. “OhmyGOD!” I blurted out, before I ran up to him, Yoongi close on my heels. “Taehyung!” I sobbed. “Who…who did this?!” It couldn’t have been Yoongi, so my thoughts turned to Jimin. I tried to feel for a pulse, but I couldn’t even see through my tears. And I couldn’t turn him over, seeing as the knife was in his back. I looked up at Hoseok, who was staring at me calmly, blood specks on his face and clothes. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Why is he standing there doing nothing? Then, it dawned on me. I slowly stood up, my eyes trained on Hoseok. He walked in, kicking Taehyung’s legs, so he could shut the door.  No. No way. I was screaming. In fear. Disbelief. Anguish. Anger. You name it. I had forgotten Yoongi was behind me until he clamped my mouth shut from behind.  “Shut up!”, he hissed. I craned my neck away from his hand, gasping for breath, and struggled out of his iron like grip around my waist. Yoongi obliged and let go, pushing me over in the process, so I fell next to Taehyung’s body.  “Hoseok”, he breathed, walking up to the man and shaking his hand. “Sorry about the hand, didn’t think Jimin would actually shoot.” Hoseok grinned. “He says he tried to miss. Bullshit. But I got to beat him senseless so we’re even.” I was speechless. “Sorry about Namjoon”, Hoseok said, suddenly sombre. “He was a good guy.” Yoongi just nodded. My eyes were on Taehyung’s body. If he wasn’t dead yet, he soon would be. And Hoseok would be responsible. “Jungkook”, I involuntarily whispered out loud. Both men turned to look at me. “Don’t worry about Jungkookie”, Hoseok informed me, with coy sweetness. “He’s just out cold. couldn’t kill him just yet”, he grinned at Yoongi. “Boss’s orders.” “He didn’t see you did he? We need him to trust you.” Hoseok shook his head. “Nah. Took him from behind.” “Where’s Jin?” I looked up at him, still on the floor. I crept towards Taehyung, but Yoongi out out his foor to stop me. “Base. He was gonna come when Jungkook called, but I told him me and Tae would take care of it.” I looked down, unable to meet his casual, nonchalant gaze. “Well, you sure took care ofhim.” Hoseok just laughed. “By the way Boss, Jin was lying. She doesn’t work for him. Have you seen her, she wouldn’t last a day as a mafia whore”, he chuckled. Yoongi stayed silent at that. I shakily stood up to look at Hoseok. “You’re a traitor.” “We all know rule one y/n”, he replied smiling. “That ‘no attractions’ bullshit. You know what rule two is? Trust no one.”
Yoongi’s POV Yoongi was pissed, to say the least. The one girl he had allowed himself to fall for, and she had played him like all the other whores he had come across in his line of work. He had been lying- Jimin had confessed to no such thing. But he knew Jimin. If the guilty glances between him and y/n were anything to go by, something had definitely gone down between the two of them.  So when y/n didn’t deny that they had kissed, it pissed him off even more. Jin’s words were resonating in his head.”She made you feel loved, huh? Feel good?” He had laughed, while Yoongi just stared coldly at the three men before him. Hoseok looked confused while Jungkook didn’t even have the balls to make eye contact. He had looked over to y/n, who despite looking battered and bruised, still looked at peace. “I fucking told her to do it. No one could fucking love YOU, Min Yoongi…We had to get to you somehow didn’t we?” Yoongi had just gritted his teeth and took it. Now, all he wanted wanted to do was make her pay. This girl had single-handedly taken down all the barriers Yoongi had put up to protect himself from this very problem.  But still, as he destroyed her possessions, threatened her, even physically hurt her…he still couldn’t bring himself to shoot. To end her. He stared, emotionless, at her terrified, tear-stricken face, her shaking form.  He wanted her to feel the same way she made him feel. Hurt her. No one made Min Yoongi like this. No one.  He didn’t give a shit that Jungkook was somewhere out there. He was unarmed. The second Yoongi saw him, the punk would get a bullet to the head. 
Jin’s POV “Boss!”, Jungkook had yelled breathlessly on the phone. “Y/n and Yoongi! Locked in her apartment! I heard gunshots, and I’m unarmed. You need to get here.” Jin frowned. He didn’t need to do anything. But then again, if Yoongi was pissed at y/n, it was probably his fault for lying. But he was only trying to get him away from her, for Jungkook’s sake. The boy he knew and trained wasn’t on top of his game- and it was all because of these two idiots. Hoseok and Taehyung had been listening in. As soon as the call was over, Hoseok spoke up, twirling his knife about in his hand mindlessly. “Boss, me and Taehyung will go. We’ll take some guns down there, and sort Yoongi out.” “Jungkook said he heard gunshots, and I still have y/n’s pistol. Wwhich means she’s dead most likely.” Jin mused. “If she was dead, the door wouldn’t still be locked”, Hoseok counteracted. “You need to stay here Boss. You shot the most powerful man in the gang world, it’s not safe. What if he was lying and that room had multiple cameras?” Jin winced internally at the memory. He just nodded, giving Hoseok permission.”Taehyung, you go too.” Taehyung rolled his eyes. “But Jungkook’s already there. Why do three of us need to be there?” Hoseok gave him a small smile. “My hand’s still sore Tae”, he said, waving it in the younger boys face. “I’ll need a driver.” As expected, Taehyung jumped up at the opportunity. “Sure!..I mean, I guess I’ll come.. seeing as you need help.” Jin just chuckled. There was hardly a three year age gap between them, but it sometimes felt like Taehyung was his son. He had known Jin for most of his life. Taehyung put his hands out and Jin threw his the keys. He gave a small salute to Jin and left the room, whistling. Hoseok followed suit, pocketing the knife. If Taehyung was like a son, then Hoseok was like a brother. Found on the streets with no one to go to, he had been in Jin’s gang for 5 years now. He was as trustworthy as they come.  “Hoseok, be careful”, he called out after the man. “That bastard’s sly, watch your back.” Hoseok had given him a reassuring smile, before nodding and following Taehyung. Little did Jin know that was the last time he would see Taehyung alive. About ten minutes later, Jungkook’s name flashed up on his screen again. He answered, wondering if Yoongi had already been dealt with. But as he answered, it cut off from the other end. He frowned and called back, but no answer. That was unlike Jungkook.  What the hell?
Jungkook’s POV The van arrived pretty quickly, but it felt like hours to Jungkook, who was pacing outside. He tried to look up at y/n’s window, but he couldn’t see anything. The van wildly served around the corner, and Jungkook instantly knew who was at the wheel.  Why did they let Tae drive? Jungkook thought. But there wasn’t time to ask them why. He ushered them out. “Jin didn’t come?” He asked, running back towards the building, whilst taking the gun Taehyung held out to him. Taehyung shook his head wordlessly. “What floor is she on?” Hoseok asked. “Two”, both Jungkook and Taehyung spoke in unison. As Taehyung ran up, Hoseok pulled Jungkook back gently. “Taehyung, don’t burst in!” he called behind the boy who was at the stairs. “Wait for us.” “I can take care of this”, Hoseok said, more gently to Jungkook. “Jin told me you have to call him. Something urgent.” “Fuck’s sake, it can wait!”, Jungkook tried to pull away. “Y/n needs us.”  “Yes, and we are here. OK? We’ll get her. Now please, can you follow boss’s orders? It’s not like you’re in his good books right now.” Jungkook sighed, and muttering a string of obscenities, took out his phone. The last thing he remembered was dialling Jin’s number. Then he was falling to the ground.
Hoseok’s POV Yoongi had planned it all when every one was out cold. Hoseok was to slowly end Jin’s gang. Of course Jin had to get up and fuck up Boss’s mood. He knew Jin was lying to Yoongi about y/n, but he stayed quiet in the hope that Yoongi would get angry enough to kill her. It was funny how much they trusted him. He had been in the gang industry for over 5 years- Jin thought he was an unwanted on the street. But that had been planned too. Yoongi had got to him first, told him he needed long term committed from someone who had nothing to lose.  And Hoseok was his man.  Today had been a bad day for Hoseok as it was. This stupid girl, y/n,kept getting away. His hand still hurt like a bitch, thanks to Jimin’s little ‘accident’, Namjoon was dead.  Convincing Jin to stay was easier then he thought it was going to be. When he got there, he looked up at the tall building. He’s in there with her. But Hoseok had a feeling he still wouldn’t kill her. Fuck’s sake, do I have to do everything myself? “What floor is she on?” Hoseok asked. “Two”, both Jungkook and Taehyung spoke in unison. He narrowed his eyes at the back of Taehyung’s head. How the hell does this kid know that? Has he been here before? “Taehyung, don’t burst in!” he called behind the boy who was at the stairs. “Wait for us.” He didn’t want Taehyung to do anything stupid and ruin his plans. “I can take care of this”, Hoseok said, more gently to Jungkook. “Jin told me you have to call him. Something urgent.” This was a pathetic attempt to get Jungkook, but Hoseok couldn’t think of anything more convincing on the spot. “Fuck’s sake, it can wait! Y/n needs us.”  “Yes, and we are here. OK? We’ll get her. Now please, can you follow boss’s orders? It’s not like you’re in his good books right now.” Stop fucking arguing! Hoseok made it look like he was leaving , but actually stood behind Jungkook as he got the gun out. He wasn’t going to kill Jungkook just yet- he hadn’t been told to, but he needed him out the picture. He struck the back of Jungkook’s unaware head, as hard as he could. Jungkook was momentarily stunned from the blow, before falling to the ground. Hoseok reached for his phone. The boy was quick- he had already dialled Jin’s number. He looked closer at the screen. Jin had anwered two seconds ago. Hoseok hastily ended the call and threw the phone back at Jungkook. He propped him up, so the bot looked like a sleeping drunk, rather than an unconscious body. Right. Floor Two. Hoseok, ran up the stairs, two at a time. He frowned at the emptiness of the building. Jungkook had said on the phone that he had heard gun shots…so where the hell was everyone? Taehyung was stood outside a door, trying to listen it. “Hope what took so long? Where’s Jungkook?” Taehyung asked, pulling away from the door. “Jin called him”, Hoseok muttered. Taehyung just nodded, not giving his words a second thought, and pointed at the door. “I can hear muffled shouting”, he muttered. He proceeded to take his gun out. “Shoot the lock?”, he asked, pointing the gun at the door. Hoseok shook his head softly. “No.” Taehyung glanced at him, before looking back at the door, gun gripped in both hands. “What do you mean ‘no’? We don’t have a key.” “I mean, no. We don’t shoot. You’re not going in.” Only then did Taehyung lower his gun. Wow…he’s not usually one to listen. “What the hell are you on about?”, Taehyung demanded. “I have orders!” Hoseok rolled his eyes. Taehyung suddenly lifted the gun and shot at the door, while Hoseok instinctively got the knife out from his pocket, and stabbed the younger boy in the lower back. He heard Taehyung grunt on impact with the sharp metal. He felt Taehyung’s blood on his hand, the warm sticky substance now spreading fast. “I have orders too”, Hoseok whispered as Taehyung gave out a strangled cry. But he was too slow. Taehyung had shot the lock directly and the door swung open. The boy stumbled forward into the room, as Hoseok scanned the corridor to check they were in the clear, which they were. He saw as a bruised y/n appeare from another room, with Yoongi right behind her. Yoongi wasn’t surprised to see the situation in front of him, but y/n was crying and screaming. Hoseok just stood there and stared. She didn’t even like the guy. As he watched her sobbing at Taehyung’s now lifeless body, all he could think was You’re next.
Y/n’s POV As the two men stood there conversing like Hoseok hadn’t just killed someone, I stood there wondering what the hell to do. I was trying not to look at Taehyung. It was too much for me to bear- he must have been around my age or a year older at most. And now he was dead. Does your life span go down by like 60 years when you join a gang? Probably. Then I saw it. On the floor, next to Taehyung’s feet. He must have dropped it after Hoseok…did what he did. It was Taehyung’s gun. But would I be quick enough? Both men were armed and if Yoongi wouldn’t, then Hoseok definitely would shoot me. I mean he had just stabbed Taehyung and clearly didn’t regret it. Jimin must have known this too. He’s in their gang. I didn’t like that I had been kept in the dark- it made me wander what else they were hiding. But obviously they weren’t going to tell a random girl that they sent someone to spy on a rival gang. Especially when that girl was with one of the rival gang members. I coldn’t do anything. Jungkook was out cold somewhere and Jin wasn’t even here. Jin. He has no idea what’s happened. He still thinks Hoseok’s on his side. For the first time since I’d met him, I felt sorry for him. He wasn’t going to take this well. Even if I get killed, and no one tells him about Hoseok, he still has to come to terms with Taehyung’s sudden death.  Lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t realised both men were now staring at me. “Er…what?” Yoongi pursed his lips while Hoseok rolled his eyes. “I asked if you have a room-mate”, Yoongi snapped. He was probably wondering whether they had to move Taehyung’s body. But surely if I had a room-mate, these people would have just killed him or her?  I really didn’t like this cold side of him. I could have easily said no, but I replied “ Yeah, Jungkook.” He didn’t like that at all, judging by his facial expression. He turned around and carried on talking to Hoseok. What the hell? Why are they just stood there? What I didn’t notice, whilst longingly staring at the gun, was Hoseok nudging Yoongi and pointing at me.  My head snapped back at the sound of Yoongi’s “Tsk tsk.” I wasn’t scared until he ordered Hoseok to grab me. Unsurprisingly, Hoseok complied, grabbing my arms and pinning them behind my back. I struggled, but even with his injury he was too strong. Yoongi walked up to the weapon, agonisingly slow. He bent over and grabbed it in one swift movement, and to my horror, pointed it at Taehyung. He’s already dead, leave him alone! “This what you wanted y/n?”, he asked, like I was a child and he was holding a toy. I struggled violently, even trying to kick my legs backwards to hit Hoseok, but he tackled my legs and kept them in place. He shot at the limp body and I screamed. “STOP!” “You wanted to kill us? Huh?”, Yoongi demanded, striding across to me and Hoseok. He jabbed the barrel of the gun into my neck. “Answer the question.” “He’s a traitor. You’re a psychopath. But I am NOT a killer”, I spat. He jabbed the gun harder, making me jerk my head in pain. “He’s loyal to ME. Which is more than can be said for you, you slut.” I gaped at him. “And I’m a psychopath? I’m holding a gun darling, be careful who you call names.” He leaned in and hissed. “And you’re not a killer…yet.” Yet? My eyes widened. What the hell did he mean ‘yet’? “Get her and Jungkook in the van. I wanna watch him die from her hands.” “W-what? No…no!” I started shouting. “Let me go! Please!” I didn’t want to go through this again. Yoongi ignored my pleas. “Get rid of his body later. Jimin’s a bit…preoccupied.” I stopped shouting for a minute. “Y-you said he was in hospital…”, I panted from all the exertion.  Yoongi caressed my cheek and I pulled away in disgust. “Guess I lied.” As Hoseok dragged me away and Yoongi followed suit, all I could think about was a now-dead Taehyung lying in my apartment. This is just getting worse and worse. To Be Continued...

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