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Well, I've counted your Votes and we have a winner. thank you for voting.
I'm so sorry this card is late. my computer has been giving me so much trouble this morning. this is my third time making this card.

Facts about Suga:

Real Name: Min Yoongi
His favorite Number: 3
Blood Type: O
his Favorite Color: white
His Home town: Daegu
Birthday: march 9, 1993
height: 5' 9
-Suga is the Father of BTS because he fixes everything that Rapmon Breaks
-Suga likes Cooking Battle.
-Suga has the Nicknames 'Motionless Min' because when he has free days, he doesn't do anything, and ' Mr. appendix' because he had an appendix surgery in 2013
-Suga loves Basketball
- Suga was Named by the CEO because he is Pale and his smile is sweet.
- He doesn't like places with lots of people or noise.
- Suga likes the kind of weather where you can wear short sleeves in the day and long sleeves at night.
- Suga is terrible with English
- Suga thinks his Legs are nice.
- Suga's Role is to Nag or Scold the Younger Members when they make a Mistake because he's the only Member in BTS who can Speak Harshly. he has an honest and Blunt personality, so if he thinks that something isn't right he will speak up about it.

Suga Quotes:

" I want a Big house, Big cars, and Big Rings."
"in the End they will all judge me anyway so Whatever"
"I Put Myself in a Jail of Envy and Bitterness and it Constantly Suffocates me. My future seems blurry"
" My specialty is Rolling around in Bed on Our days off. I'm Really good at that. "
" Would I have changed if I had chosen a Different Path. if I had stopped and Looked Back "
well, that's it for this K-star Saturday.
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I wouldn't mind staying in bed all day cuddling with him.